I have a bunch of weird demos I made for the PSP back in 06-ish, would love to resurrect them and get them compiling again

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feel like I haven't written any weird code for a while, certainly not if you remove work code, so I'm considering getting back on my bullshit


despite hating football I really wanted to go to the highschool game down the street tonight to see how different a Friday night game was than when I was in school

and INSTEAD I passed out on the couch

I have become Dad

my trainer said "hey you're looking a little leaner" which is super encouraging but also it means I do not feel at all bad about eating so much trash today

it's stupid and juvenile but no indoor activity makes me happier than playing dragon quest

Made this last night with the help of House House, and Cabel from Panic, and am really happy with how it turned out, given the tiny turnaround I foolishly gave myself.

Buzz suddenly calls out, "Kevin, what did you do to my room?" at which point Kevin runs off.

you have no idea how excited I am that Panic is publishing Untitled Goose Game after publishing Firewatch. I love it so much!

oh yeah? well the app store called and they're all outta YOU!

read Babe the Gallant Pig to Margot so we watched the movie, still wonderful

also Hugo Weaving is the mean dog and I love it

oh my gosh the new ducktales series is so marvelously well-built

I dreamed that elmo was just a bunch of hangers and then they put the elmo skin on it to come to life

if they changed youtube to just be mom's spaghetti and pepe silvia w/ drums and how to put on snow chains that'd be fine

put on forza horizon 2 last night since it's vanishing from the store next month and Margot (just turned 7) NEEDED to have the controller, she longed to drive the open fields and wouldn't stop exploring the world until it was absolutely time for bed

anyway now I feel I absolutely owe her a road trip in a fast car down a cliffside winding road when she gets a bit older

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