I am always up to answering questions about porting and packaging. And I guess software portability more generally. Just ask!

Simple question then:
I want to port and install OpenBSD on an asus c201 ( laprop that can work without any proprietary drivers + is libreboot-compatible).

Is it theorically possible ?

@marsxyz Simple answer: yes
Longer answer: there is Rockchip CPU support
Longest answer: you probably want to talk to jcs--looks like he has the hardware and is working on this gist.github.com/jcs/4bf59314d6

Wow thank you ! I'll look forward on installing openbsd :)

@marsxyz I would still ping jcs and ask him about it. And if you wanna contribute code...

Well I'll try to make it work and we'll see afterward if I contribute; I'm newby on BSD.

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