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In Apple Mail, there is no protecting PGP-encrypted messages. Even with disabling remote content, GPGTools is vulnerable to EFAIL, and the only mitigation for now is to switch to Thunderbird/Enigmail, and disable viewing HTML emails


Strongly considering running my own DNS again. It'd at least be easier to debug than NameCheap's DNS.

Oh nice! Upgraded to 28 and now my Nikon Coolpix camera gets mounted automatically. No more pulling the card out and searching the house for the adapter.

Another project released to the wild. Database and API side are working nicely. Needs a ton of web work. I'm using this to log sensor readings from


I wrote my own converter in now I can easily recover all those awesome stories I wrote in high school...


Maybe sleep will make this Haskell headache go away.

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Now to figure out if someone has already written an STWriter to .txt converter or if I'm going to have to do it.

A really basic free course on
Now to see if I can apply this to the new plotting server I'm working on.

"Error: The device /dev/sdf is so small that it cannot possibly store a file system or partition table."
Yeah, pretty done with computers for the day.

And that's enough for this week. Today's lessons are a) stick constant args at the front of function so you can map them, and b) too much arguing with ghc leads to losing track of the original goals.

Learn from my mistakes. Always test before running git push --force