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yan 🐇 @bcrypt@mastodon.social

kind of annoyed that ~every social media thingy i'm on allows photo uploads but not sound recordings unless it has a video

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@bcrypt isn't it weird that they don't just, like, throw up a blank player? what could possibly be the problem with that

@xor @bcrypt The really weird thing is that this has come up independently twice in my TL in the past couple days, see what @ccolocho and others were saying about the subject: cybre.space/users/ccolocho/upd

@kepstin @bcrypt @ccolocho yeah, I've heard amorphous "copyright" handwaviness before. It seems like, if that's the concern, this isn't the right solution

@bcrypt I guess you aren't considering the important use cases:

I can play a video on mute while on the office potty.

Social media is best consumed while on the said potty.

What's a mute audio clip good for?

@bcrypt Well, you could try GNU Social...
@deadsuperhero Which is great but ain't no social media thing.