@bcrypt it's getting to the point where the mere quantum entanglement of me with my phone is enough to crack my pin.

@bcrypt Securely unlocking your phone is so difficult these days. Im just going to get rid of my passcode. That'll show 'em

@bcrypt always dance when unlocking your phone! Would result in overall more positive tone of everyday communications as a side effect!


@bcrypt But despite what the article says - the "PIN Recovery" is possible with other sensors as well :)

@bcrypt eeep. and that reminds me of using a phone to pick up keyboard vibrations to steal passwords cc.gatech.edu/fac/traynor/pape

@bcrypt At one point, I read an article like this, and it turned out they had to limit the space to less than the 10000 4-number pins to get even moderate accuracy. Do you have the paper link to check?

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