who are some good people to follow who aren't just tooting about Mastodon itself or Mastodon in-jokes all the time?

@bcrypt lol if you don't want toots about Mastodon go back to birbsite

@bcrypt er... I was picking them up from your follower list :/

@bcrypt I am not doing that. Though I don't have many jokes either.....

@DivineOmega @bcrypt Jonathan McDowell aka @planet4589 knows plenty of interesting things about space launches and space activities. Real conversations, not just one-sided publishing.

@juhamac @bcrypt @DivineOmega At least, I'm hoping for more real conversations! At the moment I'm mostly shoving stuff out there in the hope that someone will bite...

@bcrypt sorry that was a joke but also I don't know anybody good to follow, no

@scriptjunkie @adonis28850 @zacharykeeton @bcrypt o/ you will find me talking about red team and red team accessories. Anything security related and sometimes just a bit of hardware stuff.

@bcrypt Now I wouldn't want to toot my own horn-- so I won't.

@bcrypt There's a lot of folks on the instance that post cats; there's some neat folks at; @djsundog
has some fun stuff;

@bcrypt Also, hashtags work properly here - so you can search for, e.g., #programming and find actual posts about that.

@munin @bcrypt Nope. Every hashtag instead directs to people talking about Mastodon.


There's @HerraBRE

(One thing that is funny about Mastodon is that I can't see who you're following if they're not on my instance. Your follower count reads 0 to me, so let's hope someone on your instance is following someone on my instance, or you can't see this? But they probably are. Think I got that right.)

@bcrypt I've been looking for hashtags and checking the TrendingBot to see what people are chatting about

@yogthos @bcrypt I wouldn't rely on hashtags. Everyone on the security instance rarely uses them :/

@bcrypt It's strange: a lot of the people I follow on birbsite who tweet, there, about many diverse and interesting subjects, have come here and only toot about Mastodon here.

I'm finding myself without much to say here, because the conversation is so one-note. And that's a shame.

@bcrypt also @body @SexyCyborg are good (hello those people!). I cannot find other people because I am on my phone I just randomly click on folk on the federated stream it's all I know how to do

@bcrypt Me. By the way, I used to follow you on Twitter. I knew about Mastodon because you shared a link. Thank you very much. This network is beautiful. :smile:

@bcrypt Gotta join up with Toots in that instantiation all focus on that community's crazy constraints.

@bcrypt Mostly I toot about how my Avatar isn't broken, lately.

@Elucidating Wait... are animated gif avatars back? They still animate on profiles? Cool.

@bcrypt I think the core problem is that most users are conditioned by birdsite to expect that a "successful" toot is one with many stars and boosts. The current common ground for the community is interest in Mastodon, so those toots are most likely to get a response. I toot about whatever I'm working on or thinking about, but no one gives a shit about that (at least in a star/boost manner). I have to remind myself that getting favs/boosts is not the actual point.

@bcrypt myself? 😅. Nah but seriously check out some of the people on my 'following' list, I keep it short but full of quality tooters 👌

@bcrypt Well, if it interests you, @flourish is trying to start up Mastodon's One Direction fandom...

and also @blackle is... highly suggested.

And also @acw (if you aren't already following him) is, like, an APL programmer that somehow isn't mythical (maybe).

@gaditb @acw @flourish @bcrypt welllll I'm also a mastodev so I will also toot about that from time to time

most of my toots are me doing little sketch comedy things or just generally silly posts

@bcrypt I'm good :-) I don't write all that much though...

@bcrypt Personally I can only advice you, since you're the only one active in my feed... sorry!

@bcrypt *reluctantly raises hand* only one meta-toot from my side so far. With regard to 'good': that judgement is up to you, necessarily.

@bcrypt what's this "Mastodon" thing you speak of? :grin:

@bcrypt i'm gonna say @algernon and his keyboard account @kbp for making it harder to wait for keyboardio to ship (:

@bcrypt Me. I'm GI Jack, the All American Zero. Biker, Hacker, rocker, and all around lousey drunk. and founding member.

@plsburydoughboy @Elizafox @bcrypt @andyAstruc @KitRedgrave @animeirl @boots @awilfox @chr

I always assume I will essentially be considered troubling enough to someone eventually that they find the laws I do break and make efforts to wreck me.

(IMO, everyone breaks laws, one can't know all of them and ignorance isn't a defense)

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