Scratching my head for dinner tonight and went to a couple of the big "home delivered food" sites. Based on some of the menu item photos, some of these vendors are trying to actively turn you away from their food.

I find it amazing that in 2021 so many websites allow you to sign up/subscribe using an email address without doing any test to confirm you own the email address (confirmation email).

I had my first vaccination shot today. Hardly felt the microchip as it slipped in. You can now connect to my implanted mobile hotspot with the SSID "CovidNode3EFF6"

Hi ! Someone has booked some flight tickets and mistakenly used my email address, so I am now getting their ticket information. How can we go about removing my email address and letting the ticket buyer know?


Your periodic reminder that cybersecurity is not a career, it's an untreated but monetised anxiety disorder.

Hi it would be really great to see some distance/activity time challenges for eBikes. As you know, cycling challenges don't apply to eBikes. Any chance you can look into that? :)

Nice afternoon for a ride - certainly a bit warmer than this morning's Parkrun. Apparently taking photos of your eBike near a bridge is a thing, so here's mine

mind blown.


0️⃣ days since i discovered you could disable "rate my app" notifications in iOS

Settings -> App Store -> In-App Ratings & Reviews


I really miss the days where you could just buy a mobile application outright. It seems every application these days has a micro-transaction subscription.

Had to clean-slate with Apple Music with cloud sync after years of letting iTunes and Apple Music manage the collection and completely ruining albums. Completed re-downloading all purchased music and now re-ripping all owned audio CDs

I have been getting a lot of scan phone calls the last couple of days. Am I being singled out for special attention?

Oh Look, another Budget, another welfare crackdown. How about going after the millions in free Jobkeeper handouts given to big businesses that saw increased profits in the past year? LNP were quick to give up recovering that money…


I would like to submit a RFC to consider a new HTTP response status.

I give you the 469 - The go fuck yourself status.

I am seeing a lot of people saying is not suitable for e-scooters because of the hills. These people clearly have not seen how capable the scooters are.

Today was the first time I commuted to work on my bike. Overall pretty good, but I think for comfort, having a pair of pants for riding and for work may be in order.

Congratulations Daniel on capturing this Tornado so early in your chasing season. 2 Years in the making


Incredible view of the tornado that formed earlier today near Vernon, Texas. Live stream continues SE of Wichita Falls.


Today's Annoyance:

A single 18650 LiPo costs $20 from Jaycar which I can put in a power bank to replace a chemically dead battery. I would prefer to repair to minimise ewaste, right?

Well I can get two of the actual powerbanks WITH batteries for $20!

Where is the incentive to reduce & reuse, when I can buy a replacement for half the price of the actual battery?

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