The future we wanted: Large screens, big keyboards, possibly VG goggles to type on vast displays of knowledge.

What we got: A pocket glass brick.

Just spent 45 mins trying to work out why I couldn't get VMware vCenter to connect to a host. Helps if I use the correct host name!
Muscle memory from work was calling the server 'xxxx-esxi..' rather than 'xxxx-esx..'


Well that was a week that was. A few firsts - Ride in the back of an ambulance. Experience of Fentynal, Methoxyflurane (Green Whistle) which both did little, and then morphine (which did a lot).

I do not recommend having kidney stones folks.

Just cut all my email hosting (for my own domains I control) over to Apple iCloud+ .
I am sure people will bemoan me because Apple, but it sure as hell beats giving my email to Gmail...

Ahh the tediousness of rebuilding my Radio Shack Computer from scratch.
It's nice to have a fresh start, also hugely annoying to have to manually configure everything again

My week just got so much better. After spending 3 weeks of searching, I finally found my flat cap :) I swapped it for a beanie for a bit because cold mornings, but now it's warming up again I couldn't find it.


Watching Brad Hazzard mansplain Dr. Chants words to the women of the Inquiry into NSW’s handling of Covid is the biggest fucking yikes….

As much as I agree with the concerns in the article, as a cyclist I think they are delusional in saying people do not travel faster than 30km/h on conventional bikes - I see many many people do faster than 30kmh on bikes every day.

Feeling absolutely tilted about a particular reddit thread where the OP proclaims they know all about the app and how insecure it is, and how they think it is insecure.
Having a reasonable knowledge of the app by talking to the people involved in setting it up, this guy is talking completely out of his ass.

Just replaced the pedals on the bike - apparently one had cracked in half when I had my fall the other week but didn't make itself apparent until my last ride when half the pedal fell off. Was wondering why the pedal felt weird.

Remember to use you Meowki card to skritch on at the start of your journey

The cat is chucking a tantrum because I have not lit the fire tonight.

Scratching my head for dinner tonight and went to a couple of the big "home delivered food" sites. Based on some of the menu item photos, some of these vendors are trying to actively turn you away from their food.

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