@eloisa Please add me to Devops, Digital Rights, Electronics, Environmentalists, Ham Radio, Information Technology, Infosec, Linux, Mac, Mobile Technology, Nature, Operating Systems, Photography, Radio, Sysadmins, Typography.

Ham Radio has been added to mastodon trunk! :-)

Please all hams and those with an interest please submit yourselves and help new masto users find their fellow hams:


Please boost!

You have no idea how much enjoyment this is giving me :) The noise of it clacking away, followed by the end of line bell, and then the ratchet as you move to the new line is like to me.
New ribbon and special spools arrived from the US today!

Might have overdone it tonight. swam a PB for 60 laps, then did another 20 because I could (25m pool).

ex Lord Mayor Ron Christie is struggling to maintain a seat on the council yet says he may not stay a full term as he focuses on helping partner’s business. Do everyone a favour Ron and get out now - let those who actually want to be there have a go.

Seems too windy for convection to get storm cells to form. Might be lightning later, but wether radar doesnt look promising.

Super annoyed. Went out to do the time lapse of a storm. Has everything there, except the bloody adaptor to attach phone to tripod! On the upside, it's not looking very spectacular and might fizzle out.

@gabek I see in your profile you are working on a MacOS Mastodon client :)
Is that going to be API based, or is it an app wrapper for an electron framework or something?
One of the things that frustrates me about mastodon is that it tends to be the main "energy consumer" on my MBP in Safari, so have been patiently waiting for someone to come up with a more lightweight app :)

Holy crap, looking back through my toots, I've been using Mastodon for over a year now! how time flies!

I guess that’ll be more flybys, more BP (love the way you can swipe for points at the pump, and then doubling down by paying with prepaid velocity card btw), and seeking out deals @velocityfrequentflyer@twitter.com

Going to Start working harder to do some @velocityfrequentflyer@twitter.com life hacks to maximise points. New Card on the way, and trying to spend more with Velocity partners. Potential to easily earn some holidays here!

Wind Gusts are in excess of 61km/h outside, and theres someone down the road with a petrol blower-vac. I don't think they going to be winning their battle today!

Possible southern Tasmanian storm chase this evening. Largely dependent on what conditions form.

Hi All. Need some help! My friend is looking for a Computer Game - Turn Based RPG that's cute and "not scary like World of Warcraft". Has PC Only, no mobile games. Any Suggestions appreciated.

Looks like @tas_water@twitter.com came to read the meter today. I know this, because every time the meter reader visits, they seem to get the lid off easily enough, but apparently putting the lid back the way it was found is some impossibly cryptic puzzle.

The council recently installed more complicated parking meters and so far the results are more or less what I expected

So who else is from on here that I am not already following? Favourite this so I can find out! :)

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