The discovery that the mobile app cannot render synced images that have layers or effects applied is a HUGE disappointment! Is it not possible for 360 service to upload retouched previews for mobile app to render? App currently useless to show portfolio.


It doesn't matter who's fault it is
If doesn't matter if the next suburb over is safe
It doesn't matter if you've found a loop hole

Do everything in your power to

We are now over 4 months into this pandemic, and some suburbs going into a second round of lockdowns, yet I am gobsmacked that people still don't get what lockdown means, or are trying to find sneaky loopholes? WTF is wrong with people?

And it looks like my 2015 Aurora photos are being stolen by various tourism sites again :( Hoping Pixsy can help out again. Case lodged. cc

Superglue is so versatile and useful. fixing some cracked plastic, fixing a broken household item, gluing your thumbnail together after catching it on the chainsaw while sharpening the blade....

Imagine if you will deleting all the keywords from your 20,000 image photography library so that you can re-enter them using a controlled vocabulary. Imagine how tedious that is.

Hi. this is me.

Hi - There seems to be plenty of information in the recovery plan for outdoor sport and "exercise" - but I can't seem to find information about general outdoors activity like photography. Does anyone in the ABC know when general outdoor activities can start again?

Imagine being the head of a country and being so obsessed with the past that you become incapable of acting like leader for the future.

Super upsetting to see that despite restrictions still being in pace, lots of people have decided because they are bored, the "restrict non-essential travel" rules no longer applies to them.

hehehe. There's something terribly fun about jumping into a radio net when you are rarely on HF, and surprising the hell out of the people who know you.

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