One of the greatest life hacking tips I have ever received - keeping the "Cable Draw" sane by using zip-lock bags. Thanks to for mentioning it is a podcast a while ago :)

Today's e-bike adventure included a test work commute from home and back. Went brilliantly, and was shocked it actually takes 1/3 of the time off catching the bus to work. (20 mins bike vs 30 mins walking to/from bus stop & catching bus)

Having an e-bike conversion done has been truly a revelation and I am loving it. Being a larger person, having that "help" getting up hills or managing road rolling resistance is simply amazing.
I went for a ride today along the Pipeline Track on Mount Wellington, a 20km round trip. Seen here is the "wishing well" - part of the early water infrastructure of Hobart.

Is it actually possible to get a mobile apps these days that do not have some form of micro-transaction subscription? Really frustrating that you can't buy an app.

@leo I was having a tidy up around the house and came across the photos I bought from your Tasmanian (Canon?) Photo adventure all those years back :) Sadly my camera battery was flat and I never got the TWiT meetup photo of that evening.

Hi @mastonaut Just bought the client and really like it - great work! Just wondering if there is a way to search hashtags/keywords, or whether that is in development? Cheers!

I have had this rising feeling recently that while everyone develops "awesome-new-collaboration" tools that require their own clients and/or are proprietary, people are disregarding the older protocols, that are still VERY capable.

IRC over TLS for chat etc, Usenet for discussion forums. In the case of usenet, yea you may need to spam filter it a bit - but IMO it stills beats the crap out of most web forum software.

Happy Surprise! My leave loading was paid out - which makes sense while I am on leave :) That covers the slight overspend the last 2 weeks.

OK, if you have pets, don't buy a UV blacklight torch because you are curious. You will immediately have an urgent need to buy a carpet shampooer, like I did.

Welcome @leo to the fediverse :) have tuned into many of your podcasts over the years. I hope you still find a bit of time to play with your Ham Radio gear too.

I Just learnt my the man who introduced me to when I was still at high school died a couple of weeks ago. Vale Charles VK7PP.

Maybe not so much of a TIL as I thought. Past me has set up Spot filters, so I must have known that at some point!

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TIL that joining a geographically local DX Cluster doesn't necessarily mean that you will see DX from local spotters.

Looking for a predominantly Australian system administrators forum/maillist and that is not ACS, ITPA or AusNOG.

Put food in oven an hour ago. Went to go eat it. Still stone cold. Helps to set the oven to "Bake" instead of "Defrost".....

I am so sick of hearing the "woke culture" being outraged that movies made 30-40 years ago do not stand up to the morals and ethics of today, as if they should be able to predict the moral standards of all future generations.

Just accept the fact that past generations had different views to today and move on.If the movie offends you, guess what - you don't have to watch it.

The way the woke behave with their cancel culture is just gross.

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