Well I am still no closer to deciding what I want for my Birthday. A 8-10" Dobsonian seems to be the business but without a super expensive EQ platform, is of limited use for . A reflector of aimilar size is $$$$. Help?

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If electricity always follows the path of least resistance, why wasn't @billshortenmp@twitter.com struck by lightning while leader of the opposition? twitter.com/QandA/status/11382

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In the last 8 days, @lifehacker@twitter.com Australia has now has 5 Articles on NBN plans with whistleout referrals through them. Articles are getting pretty repetitive now.

Watching X-Files S1E1 on TV tonight. I don’t think I ever saw the first episode as a kid. I forgot how damned good this show was.

My Power Bill for the last quarter arrived. The first one since the wood heater was installed.
Autumn 2018: $660
Autumn 2019: $348
Wood bought: $220 1 tonne delivered. Used about half.

Seems like the first supply of wood has paid for itself and then some already.

Having read through the features list on the site, I am really hard pressed not to be excited about 13. It’s all the small App changes that are a big deal to me - Mail, Files, Reminders are just some

has really snuck up on me this year. I thought I had another week before it started. Starts this Wednesday.

Having one of those mornings when my brain is feeling scrambled and I can’t actually get a focus on what I need to work on.

I think it's very telling the demographic watching this TV channel when every 3rd Advertisement is Funeral Insurance and Life Insurance.
Yes I know. TV. amazing.

Have just seen an instagram "influencer" posting themselves walking on Horse Shoe Falls at Mount Field.
All these areas are sensitive and fenced off for a reason. Instead this will just encourage more people to try and recreate the image, and destroying the environment in the process.
All for the sake of being instagram famous.

Wishing I had my DSLR on hand as I was driving home. Moon was rising over the Tasman Bridge and was looking large and stunning.

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