Looking for suggestions for well designed on that are a)not multiplayer and b) No Micro-transactions. Happy to pay money to play a good game, just none of the β€œplay to win” micro transaction crap. Reply to me with your game suggestions!

Hi @dcwarehouse@twitter.com - My Trigger arrived today after that fun with Auspost. Thanks to James, Simon(?) and the warehouse team :)

Those saying "You should be happy with have birds in your garden" probably haven't spent $100s & a weekend laying down mulch on the only to have said birds digging out the said mulch and relocating it onto lawns and paths, which aren't garden.

From ABC News:

".... the report recommends that instead of being rewarded, frequent flyers should be slugged with a tax called an "escalating air mile levy" β€” meaning that people who flew the furthest distances should pay the most for their tickets."

We already do. It's called buying a plane ticket.


My new photographic toy (MIOPS Remote Trigger) has been lost in the mail :( I'm sure it'll get sorted, but It looks like what was going to be an overnight shipment is now taking a week or more to sort out

PSA: If you use social media to promote a certain product/service/event, posting other people's photos with a "credit" but without their permissions is NOT OKAY. Imagine Saying to Microsoft "I'm OK to use Win10, because I got the product key from a software developer"

Could a Tasmanian Representative for ACS DM me? Would like to discuss membership // ping @ACSnewsfeed@twitter.com

RT @TasPhotoAlerts@twitter.com

BIOLUMINESCENCE: A report of pink algae associated with Bioluminescence has been reported at Binalong Bay on Tasmania's East Coast.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/TasPhotoAlerts/sta

Really feeling like an imposter at - watching all these people get super excited about games and queuing for hours for a demo. Here I am trying desperately to find something that really speaks to me to get excited about

Update: I learnt why queue hall is popular based on yesterdays enormous outside queue. now in the queue hall.

OK paxxians, tell me why the queue hall is so alluring, rather than relaxing for another 30 mins somewhere else and wandering in minus the queues?

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