It is utterly heartbreaking to see so many of Tasmania's biologically sensitive areas being razed by fires. It's going to take a long time for those areas to recover, and some never will.

Hey quick Q - can elastic stack do any alerting at all - e.g. to email, without buying the x-pack?

current motto: "Everyone has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a seperate production environment."

Dear all, I am humbled and proud to tell you that I have accepted a role as Tasmanian Chief of Staff for Severe Weather Australia, who can be followed Really looking forward working with Tassie Storm Chasers.

Video Editing Update: You may remember me talking about needing a video editing app that was a bit better than but didn't have the price tag of ? Today I found it and it's called LumaFusion -

What is particularly Interesting is that it is based, and not MacOS. at $30AUD, it was a no brainer.

iPad Pro's are really edging closer to replacing a laptop!

Very frustrating listening to people rag-chewing on FM satellite passes for the entire pass. Other people want to make contacts too!

First day back at work since Christmas. Already struggling pretty badly due to opening glasses case to find no glasses.

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I have spent wayyyyy to much time the last few days doing radio club administration. I think a good 20 hours or so. Thankfully the yearly membership renewal period is winding down and I think I am on top of the AGM stuff.

Somehow I ended up here for dinner. First time in about 8 years. and I actually enjoyed it because it wasn't all crammed into the shed like the last time I went.

Well I know I have said this for 2 years running, but I really want to do more photography this year.

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Worked ZL2TWS on . Fantastic satellite pass and I was able to maintain a strong signal for nearly the entire pass!
Also heard: ZL1WN, VK3JMA, VK3XAB

I have to say, running + + all in containers to monitor networking via SNMP is a far cry from using 10 years ago.

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