Just watched somone sit through almost one full traffic light cycle while messaging on the phone. Put the bloody phone down while in the car, nothing is that important!

@bcshort is it not illegal to do that in AU? Its a serious traffic violation now in the UK, a new driver on 2 years probation would have to retake their test if caught, others would likely be banned after being caught twice and the cops use all sorts of vehicles from motorcycles to trucks to monitor people doing this..


@vfrmedia It’s vey illegal. Unfortunately people can’t seem to live without text messages here.If I were allowed to collect fines on in-vehicle mobile use, I’d give up my day job and make a killing handing out fines.

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@bcshort the UK laws are getting further updated to forbid any use of mobile phones even for music playlist selection etc (I am suggesting to the Station Managers at the community radio stations I volunteer at to use this as a way to encourage young people to listen to the radio (if they do not already), you can't get in trouble for that πŸ˜‰

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