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Elon Musk is damaging the night sky. His satellites interfere with astronomers’ observations of stars and potentially harmful near-Earth asteroids, leaving streaks on images. No regulations require him to fix the problem. Soon it may be unfixable. forbes.com/sites/startswithaba

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This is Harrington on the mid north coast of right now - absolutely insane fire front.

Been holidaying at North Haven for most of my life and the whole area is getting smashed by

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πŸ“Έ Photo via Kelly-ann Oosterbeek on Facebook.

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Just finished off a yagi antenna for 1296Mhz (23cm). SWR was around 1.5 while assembling, which is "good enough" for me, but will check again to make sure nothing has changed while doing the final adjustments. #1296

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It’s important to note: Health is facing cuts much larger than the $11.9m outlined in the State Govt’s β€œefficiency dividend.” Health is also being told it needs to save/cut well over $100-150m if not more, due to underfunding in the previous year.

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