Really angry reading another ignorant diatribe from a person who is anti-Wireless Institute of Australia. The complaints being made are just unhinged with no understanding of how the real world works.
Have now blocked said person. These people should spend more time using their radio and less time at their keyboard bringing the hobby into disrepute.

Big news from the with Foundation License holders now able to have a 3 letter call sign rather than the current 4 letter starting with F one. Huge news if you want to use digital modes.

Big news from the with Foundation License holders now able to have a 3 letter call sign rather than the current 4 letter starting with F one. Huge news if you want to use digital modes.

hehehe. There's something terribly fun about jumping into a radio net when you are rarely on HF, and surprising the hell out of the people who know you.

That annoying moment when you are programming a radio and did not set the hardware profile before making a configuration profile.
The Phillips PRM radios won't let you set the hardware profile once a configuration has been written, and the config file stores the same profile type.
Just wasted 2 hours and will need to start over :(

You don't realise how lazy people have gotten with email and mail lists until you try reading them off a BBS at 1200 Baud packet radio.
Where people would carefully trim out all the stuff they are not replying to, these days you get 3..4..5..levels deep of copied text from previous replies.

Just finished off a yagi antenna for 1296Mhz (23cm). SWR was around 1.5 while assembling, which is "good enough" for me, but will check again to make sure nothing has changed while doing the final adjustments. #1296

Its seems people are forgetting Radio etiquette on . 20 minute ragchew session on TG 505, tying up all the Australian DMR repeaters. If you are going to have a long chat, please be courteous and QSY off to another TG.

β€œWhen all else Fails...Amateur Radio is there” is perhaps one of the most damaging mantras the hobby espouses when used non-specifically. Radio (not just Amateur) is used very successfully in emergency and disaster situations, but I find this phrase when used without qualification very troubling, particularly by certain groups of people.

This is novel, I am going to take part in a for the first time in a while. low bands contest for 6 hours starting 0800 UTC. only 160m, 80m, 40m allowed.

I have spent a fair bit of today getting kits ready for my local radio club's planned antenna building day. Both the End Fed and the V/U Moxon I have written about will be available to purchase in kit form.

Doing my head in with this End Fed Antenna. The SWR is meant to be less than 2 between 3500Khzz and 26000KHz.
Have replaced/rebuilt the matching unit entirely, results stay the same.

Antenna update: I think I have found the problem with the end-fed antenna - the SO-239 connector on the matchbox appears to have "very variable" impedance. I will be replacing that next week - I am actually going to build another unit to document and photograph the design refinements.

Really puzzled as to why my unun for my end fed has "stopped working" recently. SWR and antenna characteristics are much different to when I first built it for some reason.

A friend has just left after making a MkII version of a V/U handheld moxon antenna for Satellite work. This one definitely came out a lot better than my MkI release, with the build refined from my first version. SWR is much better. He has left a very happy camper.

You can read about this antenna here -

I've left nearly all Australian Amateur Radio groups on facebook due to a small, toxic and vocal minority who feel the need to constantly attack the Wireless Institute of Australia.
The bigotry and vitriol they spew is tiresome and does absolutely nothing to promote the hobby.
Perhaps those people would do better to actually go and use their radios rather than be keyboard warriors.

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