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BIOLUMINESCENCE: Reports of pink algae associated with Bioluminescence is reported at Bellerive Yacht Club & Hobart docks. Possible viewing of Bioluminescence after dark possible

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My new photographic toy (MIOPS Remote Trigger) has been lost in the mail :( I'm sure it'll get sorted, but It looks like what was going to be an overnight shipment is now taking a week or more to sort out

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AURORA ALERT: Conditions this evening (2019-09-28 AEST) are favourable for an Aurora in early evening around East of Tasmania. More information at aurora-service.net/aurora-fore

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Well in tonight's episode of "where the hell is that?" the eye cushion off my camera viewfinder is gone. no idea where. Not in the bags, and its literally been sitting on a bench for months. $5 to replace, but super annoying to lose.

Rosny Hill Interchange, taken facing the reverse direction of my previous photo. Commuters heading to and from Hobart on the Tasman Highway at Rose Bay.

I have been really frustrated that I seem unable to get the sharpness I desire in my photos. Over the last 24 hours, I have started seriously looking at stacking, but something else I have discovered (to my chagrin) is that just because it's a L Series lens, doesn't mean it is sharp. The folks over at have proven to be quite a revelation with their lens database - dxomark.com

The Ocean Monarch drilling platform is parked in the Derwent River off South Arm while undergoing a refit. Should be there for 2-3 months.

As the song goes....Stormy Weather...
Taken a little earlier today this cell is about to unleash it's rain core on the southern Tasmanian city of Glenorchy. An additional cell started forming just to the right of Mt Wellington as seen in the photo.

Want Custom depth of field But don't have/want to buy an iPhone XS? Check out Focos -


Should work with iPhone 7+ and above that support portrait mode.

I don't know if I have ranted about this before, but if you like a photo on social media, say why & engage meaningfully!

I hate all these one word comment responses I see "Beautiful", "Stunning", "Magnificent". People doing this come across as disengaged bots adding absolutely no value to the content.

Just below Wellington falls on the North-West Bay River there is a small weir about 1m high. This actually supplies a significant amount of drinking water for the City of Hobart through large pipe.

It's a good 20km return walk in from the Morphetts Rd Entry to the Pipeline track. Fantastic spot for lunch and a rest.

Unfortunately the sun was in the wrong position to take good photos at that time of day.

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