A spectacularly colourful Stereum Ostrea fungus growing on a mossy log near Lady Barron Falls in Mt Field National Park.

I was quite taken by the fungus on the right, that looks like an open mouth, and reminded me of "Audrey" from the Little Shop of Horrors.


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BIOLUMINESCENCE: There is a Confirmed reports of Bioluminescence at Eagle Hawk Neck for those wanting to see some tonight 16/7/20. There has been bio at this spot for several nights now.

And it looks like my 2015 Aurora photos are being stolen by various tourism sites again :( Hoping Pixsy can help out again. Case lodged. cc @PixsyHQ@twitter.com

Imagine if you will deleting all the keywords from your 20,000 image photography library so that you can re-enter them using a controlled vocabulary. Imagine how tedious that is.

Hi. this is me.

Hey friends, Stop being irresponsible asshats and travelling to take photos of the aurora. You aren't fooling anyone when showing a back-of-DSLR photo on Social Media and saying you are out for "Exercise" and this was a coincidence. .

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BIOLUMINESCENCE: There are Confirmed reports of Bioluminescence on the Ralphs Bay side of Lauderdale

If you've seen my Cape Deslacs photos recently, you may be interested that its been a decade since I last visited the site and how different the photos are due to increased photography knowledge and equipment. I have written on my blog about it.


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BIOLUMINESCENCE: Reports of pink algae associated with Bioluminescence is reported at Bellerive Yacht Club & Hobart docks. Possible viewing of Bioluminescence after dark possible

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My new photographic toy (MIOPS Remote Trigger) has been lost in the mail :( I'm sure it'll get sorted, but It looks like what was going to be an overnight shipment is now taking a week or more to sort out

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AURORA ALERT: Conditions this evening (2019-09-28 AEST) are favourable for an Aurora in early evening around East of Tasmania. More information at aurora-service.net/aurora-fore

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Well in tonight's episode of "where the hell is that?" the eye cushion off my camera viewfinder is gone. no idea where. Not in the bags, and its literally been sitting on a bench for months. $5 to replace, but super annoying to lose.

Rosny Hill Interchange, taken facing the reverse direction of my previous photo. Commuters heading to and from Hobart on the Tasman Highway at Rose Bay.

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