A spectacularly colourful Stereum Ostrea fungus growing on a mossy log near Lady Barron Falls in Mt Field National Park.

I was quite taken by the fungus on the right, that looks like an open mouth, and reminded me of "Audrey" from the Little Shop of Horrors.


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BIOLUMINESCENCE: There is a Confirmed reports of Bioluminescence at Eagle Hawk Neck for those wanting to see some tonight 16/7/20. There has been bio at this spot for several nights now.

Just a reminder to all Tasmanians that SBS1 Slow TV is pretty cool tonight - the making of Cadbury Chocolate!

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BIOLUMINESCENCE: There are Confirmed reports of Bioluminescence on the Ralphs Bay side of Lauderdale

If you've seen my Cape Deslacs photos recently, you may be interested that its been a decade since I last visited the site and how different the photos are due to increased photography knowledge and equipment. I have written on my blog about it.


Well after all the build-up for a significant storm, the latest forecast has turned into a marginal afternoon with maybe some late night lightning.

At least I won't need to pull an all-nighter.

It bothers me that for the most part here, the only people using the tag are me, because I live here and a variety of sex workers announcing tasmanian tour dates.
Surely there are more locals in the mastodon universe?

Pretty Excited about this weekend. With forecast temperatures of 19c and 17c, it's set to be the warmest (and therefore be able to get outside) weekend since May.

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