For everyone signing up to + today, a friendly reminder it’s not a good idea to reuse your passwords. Consider using a manager to generate a unique password, or at the very least don’t use the same password you would use on social media & bank accounts.


ICMP is not, and never was, an optional part of computer networks that you can block. If you disagree with that basic fact, you have an untreated disorder, not an alternative opinion.


One thing I am really enjoying about apple music is the music videos. Watching this sends me back to my early teens sitting in front of the TV on Saturday morning watching Rage on ABC and making mixtapes.

I'm about to get creative. I'm had the concept of a short story that has been playing in my head for long enough now that I am taking it as a sign I must start to write it.

Totally 's fault (in a good way!) that I am buying my own prints on Redbubble :) Keen to see what they look like!

@vfrmedia It’s vey illegal. Unfortunately people can’t seem to live without text messages here.If I were allowed to collect fines on in-vehicle mobile use, I’d give up my day job and make a killing handing out fines.

Just watched somone sit through almost one full traffic light cycle while messaging on the phone. Put the bloody phone down while in the car, nothing is that important!

Hi are your groups still a thing or are they "discontinued"? if they are still a thing, it would be great if on the All Groups page there was a "My Groups" so I could quickly work with all the groups I am in.

Going through my past and getting quite upset/annoyed that I got rid of my EOS 60D + Sigma 10-20mm Lens. That combination was *killer* for landscape photos. I think many of the photos are better than my 6D.

@Memeghnad In settings there is a way to redirect your account to the new one.
If you want to pick up all your toots followers etc then you will need to export and import those (done from settings too)


This is Harrington on the mid north coast of right now - absolutely insane fire front.

Been holidaying at North Haven for most of my life and the whole area is getting smashed by


πŸ“Έ Photo via Kelly-ann Oosterbeek on Facebook.


Thinking about all the emergency services personnel both professional and volunteer in and wishing them them the very best with these terrible fires.

Hi Was just wondering if your app supports sync using iCloud? I don’t want to install dropbox.

I couldn't do it ! I tried to kick my iStat Menus addiction with Catalina Came out, but I cannot!. *buys upgrade*

I have a new work phone (iPhone11Pro) and thought I'd try out the much vaunted Night Mode on the camera.
It is indeed impressive side by side with my iPhone8+. However, the long exposure tops out at 3sec, so if you don't have some light (or are thinking of milky way shots), that's not going to work.

Seems to be another influx of new people! If you have just signed up to mastodon in the last Day or two, was there a particular reason? did something happen?

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