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It’s important to note: Health is facing cuts much larger than the $11.9m outlined in the State Govt’s β€œefficiency dividend.” Health is also being told it needs to save/cut well over $100-150m if not more, due to underfunding in the previous year.


Hey It was more than a little rude to get billed an auto subscription that has needed renewing for at least 3 years, and not get a warning email that it was about to expire beforehand.

Its seems people are forgetting Radio etiquette on . 20 minute ragchew session on TG 505, tying up all the Australian DMR repeaters. If you are going to have a long chat, please be courteous and QSY off to another TG.

Well there's one task complete. has been removed from all my systems and it's contents cleared. Account deletion imminent. I just don't use it any more.

OK Folks. I need a Repo for code control and public code, but I don't want to self host. Should I use ? ? something else? Whats the preference out there these days?


AURORA: An Aurora is currently visible camera only from low light vantage positions



AURORA ALERT: Conditions this evening (2019-09-28 AEST) are favourable for an Aurora in early evening around East of Tasmania. More information at


Update on the TNC-Pi - have ordered a replacement IC Set from Coastal chipworks. $20 USD inc. shipping. I think that's a fair price.

Getting really grumpy with people in FB Aurora Tasmania group getting all excited and "Must go out to see tonight's aurora!". 1) there's 100% cloud cover and 2) The Aurora is forecast in daylight hours. Nothing to see.

Annoyed. I appear to have killed my TNC-Pi. I can go back to an old fashioned TNC, but now I have to make another interface cable.

I find it completely incomprehensible that whenever the US President doesn’t like something and decries β€œFake News”, it seems that the majority of the US public go β€œOh, Fake news, OK”, and move on.
Why doesn’t anyone care about holding people to account for ethics any more?


Well in tonight's episode of "where the hell is that?" the eye cushion off my camera viewfinder is gone. no idea where. Not in the bags, and its literally been sitting on a bench for months. $5 to replace, but super annoying to lose.

I have to say I really love using Greenshot for doing my documentation and screen grabbing. The bit in editor for highlighting, obfuscation and more is just brilliant. Also supports direct upload to a variety of services.
Did I mention its free? -

Would you replace your existing internet provider with a community-based ISP, assuming that you'd (at the very least) keep the same speed? If so/not, why?


β€œWhen all else Fails...Amateur Radio is there” is perhaps one of the most damaging mantras the hobby espouses when used non-specifically. Radio (not just Amateur) is used very successfully in emergency and disaster situations, but I find this phrase when used without qualification very troubling, particularly by certain groups of people.

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