this industry is filled with dumbass and scammers and no system or regulation can ever save it.

how about we start a movement that puts all of these "consultant" scammers out of work indefinitely

i should've just used xfce4 instead of fiddling different window manager...

i'm actually using one of these things and yeah the "stand" part of the cover takes forever to set up and takes no second to fail.

pretty sure after like a week of learning bass my left hand stretches further than my right hand

back in 2008 i used a pentium 4 with 384mbytes of ram running windows xp. but (of course) i did not use it for heavy jobs so that probably shouldn't count.

originally younger generations wouldn't have care less about racism issues, it's *after* stuff like this and hate crimes towards asian people they have realized what these "activists" actually wants is a different supremacy instead of whatever nice words they use.

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this bitch, this kind of black people is exactly the reason why younger generations of chinese begin to discriminate black people. you might thought it's the CCP but no, CCP will do (and is already doing) the exact opposite.

of course openxiangshan is way too hacker even for "hacker""news" that only when another noname write an article about it can they finally understand what it is.

part of me is like "bro how about you buy a mandolin" and another part of me is like "bro you just moved to another apartment because there's no more room in the old one for another music instrument you never got time to learn and play"

after half a year i'm building chromium again, this time it's pretty plain-sailing so far - so plain-sailing that i'm now very worried.

what's up with this 192MBytes "3D V-Cache" thing from AMD, you can fit a whole operating system in that thing what the fvck

it used to be a single-column list of things if you don't know what it looked like before.

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oh there's more about vscode. there's a "IContextKey" and a "IContextKeyExpr". you might thought "oh `IContextKey` should be a subtype of 'IContextKeyExpr'" haha sike they're not related in any direct way.

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it's like wrapping yourself in a layer of electric wire and claiming that there are no other clothes that can give you more space to move around like wtf why do you do this when you can just don't

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