i never understand the hate towards computer modern. CM is one of the best set of fonts imho.

Github npm registry can suck my ass. One more thing to configure? No fuck you.

french is hard. i've had a lot of trouble. i've never had this much trouble when learning german.

Finally after one year and three months I can move on with better material in peace

worked for 11th consecutive days and i'm almost at my limit.

learnt this by trial and error. kinda wish i had watched his videos sooner...

death, birdsite 

infosec isn't my scene, but there's a lot of _very_ good advice in this thread for whatever your scene happens to be:

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after almost a full month of daily ring-fit my (1)body feels much lighter than before, and (2)horny-level is at all-time low.

Never trust a computer you can't reach with a sledgehammer.

a lot of example code repos on github are organized as "directories of little example projects", but github till this day still does not provide the functionality of downloading *only* a specific dir from a repo. bad UX i have to say.

this is also the reason why i hate people like Coraline Ehmke and Molly de Blanc from the bottom of my gut.

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so the linux kernel thing blew up while i was sleeping.

so in mainland china some products will have a sticker with scratch off ink printed upon them. basically the idea is there will be a serial number printed underneath and you can go to their website to check if a certain serial number exists in their database and thus whether the product is a fake one.

what if under the ink there's no serial number but a message that says "you bought a fake one lmao"

it's like idol songs. all idol songs have very goddamn obvious idol vibe.

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i don't know why but it seems like all vocaloid songs have some kind of special vibes and that vibe lingers like you can tell by instinct if someone has been a vocaloid producer before.

now i *really* want to know what xahlee has to say about robert martin. love seeing different methodologies crashes into each other.

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