Was reading The Element of Style and found out the way school teaches English in Mainland China promotes everything but the opposite. I was furious.

seems like intoinfinity.org is down indefinitely. i have a copy thru web.archive.org. probably will put it back up one day.

*watching review for yofukashi no uta on myanimelist*

pedophile? dude, 14-yr-old these days can be more well-versed than you about sex...


i know the specks on a strawberry are the real fruit but seeing them with a stalk still surprises the heck outta me

How to: #Privacy #Squeezeout

1) Introduce privacy-eroding business model

2) Start ensnaring people
(promise it "makes your life easier")

3) Counter any objections with "but it's not mandatory"

4) If public opinion fails to comply, use marketing until new practice seems "modern".

5) Start enforcing new norm by fait accompli + social pressure

(e.g. only serve customers with non-free app)

6) When law starts to catch up, use regulatory capture.

Success! Dissent will now look "old-fashioned".


sir. why the heck are you in my pot? did the summer heat get into your head or what?

ImHex: A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers, Programmers and people who value their retinas when working at 3 AM


the worst thing about violence is that sometimes it fucking works.

after 3 whole years i still hate reactjs with a burning passion.

virtual dom is bad enough but hooks made it worse.

TIL about the whole chris ferrie baby university bullshit. i'm not gonna question the motive but the execution is ass. if i ever had a kid i would make sure this guy's "baby books" would never be on my bookshelf.

almost cried watching Revolution of Our Times. it's been at least a decade since the last time i get this emotional.

and surprisingly enough they adopted the fucking contributor covenant

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turns out learning plan9 is surprisingly not as hard and learning not to be an asshole is surprisingly not as easy. who would've thought.

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(paraphrased): "i don't know if the people involved knew about the existence of bitmap compression" yeah sure go fuck yourself asshole

considering my dad was an electronic engineer & my mom made clothes, it would only be natural if i went into the wearable technology business. alas things didn't go well enough so now i'm a webshit.

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