i learnt how to cook basic chinese food at the age of 7 and now this kind of stuff makes me feel like i'm 7 yrs old again.

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i guess my frying pan hate me.

but if that was how pancakes are supposed to taste like (there was still some good part) i'll probably never do it again. really didn't enjoy it.

i frickin' bought 2kg of flour and chinese cuisine does not use flour all that much. do not know what to do about it. deep frying some meatballs maybe.

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me after watching haachama burnt her pancakes: haachama this is so easy how did you fuck this up

me trying to make pancake but fucked up:

my heart aches a bit when i just dropped *two* perfectly good tea bags onto the floor by accident.


"They claim that the data collection is following best practices, the data itself being aggregated and anonymized, without any connection to user’s identity."

Never trust any company that says this. Just never.

it feels really good to be able to understand more stuff after learning a new language, it's like all of a sudden you have access to a new world that you would've never imagined before.

That's what I've been screaming into people's heads for years!

ISO 8601: the better date format 📅

#dev #iso #date #format


J and APL are actually quite different.

or maybe it's just because I haven't learn enough of both of them.

it seems like zipfile.ZipFile.extractall() in python does not preserve file permission info. huh.

fun fact: if you define the four seasons only on temperatures shenzhen is now nearly in summer.


well that answers my long-time question. might be able to do some maneuvering so i can use it in love2d.


i remembered these things as a kid. back then i was like wow you can put these things together and they can interact with each other that's so cool.

bought a set of kitchen stuff online. finally have the chance to try out foreign recipes now.

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