before that, i got MBR on my laptop's HDD mistakenly destroyed & thank god i've got testdisk but i couldn't got everything recovered. i lost 1/3 of my data, inclucing my whole book library.

i just ended up listening bon jovi like 10-yr-old me would do.

i legit don't know that is a chinese instance & cmx means chang2 mao2 xiang4 (mastodon in chinese) until today. wow.

meaningless argument alert 

i'm just asking. do you guys still remember this -> 🍍


ain't tamagochi the first incremental game ever created

as you may have already know, china gov have strengthen the internet censorship... all my free proxy broke down recently.
not sure if it's temporary. i hope that it is, but who knows.

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现在都不知道该去哪里找像FLORAL SHOPPE这样的vaporwave……

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Wouldn't it be cool if Twitter just announced they ran out of money and are closing

duolingo: "esperanto estas tre facila, cxu ne?"
me: Ne ne ne ne ne ... ne ne NE NE NE NE NE!!!

i legit hate guangzhou's summer. it's too hot.

disclaimer: i know there's lambda in c#&java but the teachers never mentioned it.

learning about factory pattern right now.
currently it's like "well we have no anonymous function/anonymous class in c# so we chose an awkward way"

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well, basically...

in the last 2 months i went into competitive programming & i just made my way to acm/icpc asia regional qingdao last sunday. i guess i was having great luck 'cause they had been very generous on quota...but anyway i guess i'm going to qingdao next month.

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