even vscode is smaller than atom it is one big pile of dogshit. like seriously these stupid motherfuckers are using fucking typescript like the date is 2000 and they're fucking using java 1.2 for fuck's sake

like there's this thing called "ContextKey" which is used to control whether something should be enabled or not. in vscode it's one big fucking DSL implemented using the fucking interpreter pattern and you have to use another thing called "ContextKeyService" and all those design pattern cheeki breeki to modify the value it will provide when it was requested like how hard is it to just implement basic reactive programming with basic access control like a normal person? wtf

god i hate design patterns from the bottom of my heart.

it's like wrapping yourself in a layer of electric wire and claiming that there are no other clothes that can give you more space to move around like wtf why do you do this when you can just don't


oh there's more about vscode. there's a "IContextKey" and a "IContextKeyExpr". you might thought "oh `IContextKey` should be a subtype of 'IContextKeyExpr'" haha sike they're not related in any direct way.

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