Instagram: My life is a party.

Snapchat: My life is a quirky TV show.

Facebook: My life turned out great!

Twitter: We're all going to die.

Mastodon: Don't worry, while we are on a quirky, meandering path towards an inevitable apocalypse, we might as well enjoy the ride and show eachother some love in an unorthodox, yet irresistible manner, not in any way hindered by considerations of style, identity or consistency.

@bdenh So we're the tart guy from Adventure Time? I think I can go for that.

@atomicarcane I had to look that one up, do you mean this speech? That is one absurdist piece of cartoon! I love it. Makes me reminisce of all the Ren & Stimpy I used to watch.


Well said.

Thank you for taking the time to do so.

@Algot it took me maybe five minutes to write it... (it's based on a tweet by someone else) and I've been astounded ever since with the amount of boosts this toot's been getting :-)

After we saw through the lie of the story of modernity, its utopian fantasies - its secret was consumption & exploitation - we moved on to the new story of postmodernity & found comfort that everything was a construct, every power must be questioned, every voice be heard. But that left us in a hall of mirrors, adrift in moral relativity, while the world continued to burn. And now we are cartographers trying to decipher the writing on the walls, to find out whether a new dark age is nigh.


GNU Social: I'd just like to interject for a moment...

@bdenh so Mastodon is basically the spiritual son of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. Makes sense.

@bdenh this has more boosts than anything I've every seen on Mastodon

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