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Besides has anyone examples or can point me into the right direction for eye-candy for Linux desktops (XFCE preferably)? I know that @vinzv did a "My Linux Desktop" post 2 years ago and I still love it.

I'm pretty much looking for exact that kind of "Look my desktop looks beautiful" kind of thing. And no I am lazy as shit and won't go through all the entries. Is there a hashtag for this maybe?

Boosts welcome.

#Linux #Desktop #EyeCandy #MyDesktop

.. and you still like the company and job you're currently with.

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That feeling when you see the perfect position open up at $dream_company, you apply and they say 'dude - let's schedule an interview'.

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The Libertarian Futurist Society has announced the 2019 winners of the Prometheus Awards for Best Novel and Hall of Fame (Best Classic Fiction).

The LFS has chosen Causes of Separation (Morlock Publishing), by Travis Corcoran, as the 2019 winner of the Best Novel category of the 39th annual Prometheus Awards.

[1] Not applicable to all managed hosting providers. Just the good ones.

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I work for a managed hosting provider. When customers decide to terminate our contractual relationship, there are tells ..

* 'We need to be able to login' after years of not caring about that at all

* 'Can you export our DNS zone.'

Thing is .. we're [1] cool with it. You don't have to be secret squirrel. I'll even *help* you and tell you stuff you don't know to ask.

Hello to all the people - like me - driven back to Mastodon because the twitter ui change is terrible.

The downside to 'infrastructure as code': the same people who have been writing terrible bash scripts are now writing terrible infrastructure.

Sing 'All This Time'

The dark content and jolly tune make it a fun song to listen to.

Chickens and ducks are also doing a great job keeping the grass down in the back 3/4 acre.

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'Why do you have ducks?'

What I tell people: for eggs, and pest control.

What I tell myself: Look at them waddle and quack and eat out of my hand awwwww so cute.

The downside of infrastructure as code is .. it's code.

I don't *miss* the days of editing /etc/$sample.conf by hand but sometimes .. you just want to edit a file and be done with it.

Me: Oh no it's raining my junior ducks are outside. I should shoo them inside ...

Ducks: <Bobbing around their pool in the rain> Dude .. we're ducks.

Today is the anniversary of April 19, 1775 a pretty big deal for people that aren't monarchy-ridden serfs.

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'La petite mort' is a french term for closing all your browser tabs

I didn't realize I was in a gumption trap at work until I took a few minutes yesterday to bang out a slack-app to post messages from shell.

Hello productivity - it's good to see you again.

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I think you have the right of it, @Jenkar - we do live in a #postmodem world. Yeah, that's right. We post modems.

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