The downside to 'infrastructure as code': the same people who have been writing terrible bash scripts are now writing terrible infrastructure.

Sing 'All This Time'

The dark content and jolly tune make it a fun song to listen to.

Chickens and ducks are also doing a great job keeping the grass down in the back 3/4 acre.

'Why do you have ducks?'

What I tell people: for eggs, and pest control.

What I tell myself: Look at them waddle and quack and eat out of my hand awwwww so cute.

The downside of infrastructure as code is .. it's code.

I don't *miss* the days of editing /etc/$sample.conf by hand but sometimes .. you just want to edit a file and be done with it.

Me: Oh no it's raining my junior ducks are outside. I should shoo them inside ...

Ducks: <Bobbing around their pool in the rain> Dude .. we're ducks.

Today is the anniversary of April 19, 1775 a pretty big deal for people that aren't monarchy-ridden serfs.

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'La petite mort' is a french term for closing all your browser tabs

I didn't realize I was in a gumption trap at work until I took a few minutes yesterday to bang out a slack-app to post messages from shell.

Hello productivity - it's good to see you again.

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I think you have the right of it, @Jenkar - we do live in a #postmodem world. Yeah, that's right. We post modems.

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I'm seeing more users in the local timeline than I dreamed existed. Neat.

'Make sure your ducks have clean water to drink'

I do that. I'll continue to do that.

But in my limited experience a duck is as likely to slurp from a mud puddle next to her clean fresh water as she is to drink from the clean fresh water itself.

Next weekend we will build a duck coop and run.

The chickens will no doubt be all over the place, supervising.

Listening to Catton's 'Mr. Lincoln's Army'.

Catton has done something I did not think possible: I feel sorry for George McClellan.

Playing with NUMA (twitter on a blockchain) and it comes with a fediverse handle: @bdunbar


Playing with NUMA (twitter on a blockchain) and it comes with a fediverse handle:


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