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Next weekend we will build a duck coop and run.

The chickens will no doubt be all over the place, supervising.

Listening to Catton's 'Mr. Lincoln's Army'.

Catton has done something I did not think possible: I feel sorry for George McClellan.

Playing with NUMA (twitter on a blockchain) and it comes with a fediverse handle: @bdunbar


Playing with NUMA (twitter on a blockchain) and it comes with a fediverse handle:


'And we cursed our cousins who fought and bled

In their bloody coats of bloody red

The sun never sets on the bloody dead

Of those who have chosen an empire'

"Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave."

"All those memes lost ... on Twitter ... like tears, in the rain."

I'm looking to run a fediverse server. I know about Mastodon. What else is available?


I have two windows managers: XFCE and OpenBox.

XFCE is 'friendlier' for running videos and plugging into overhead displays. I do this once a week at church.

Up until about five minutes ago I was logging out, firing up XFCE and etc. Switch back when I get home. No more of that.

I feel like a dork for just now figuring this out: how to run two window managers at the same time.

* Boot linux as normal.
* Login.
* Alt + Ctl F3
* $ startx /usr/bin/startxfce4 -- :2

F1 is now running your 'regular' wm, F2 XFCE.

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Talk is cheap, results matter.


Remember when Lightning was never going to ship?
Remember when no one would run routing nodes because of the government?
Remember when it was impossible to write a graph pathfinding algorithm?
Remember when no one would want to try using LN because it’s complicated?


Day 14 running without lightdm. Still no issues with the laptop failing to turn the monitor on after hibernation.

Display managers: never again.



Many mourn the demise of LAIDBACK because of its reputation as a gentle and
non-threatening language since all error messages are in lower case. For example, LAIDBACK responded to syntax errors with the message:

"i hate to bother you, but i just can't relate to that. can you find the time to try it again?"

./script [enter]

30 minutes of troubleshooting later
(iamafailurehavetoeatdogfood .. oh a typo in a path name)

And just like that things are 'ok'.

Left the gate to the chicken run open last night: chickens scattered from hell to lunch before breakfast.

Oh my sweet, innocent developers.

If we wanted you to use the public IP address why would we make you login to the VPN first?

' After all, functionality is an asset, but code is a liability. This is the opposite of a trend of nonsense called DevOps, where system administrators start writing unit tests and other things to help the developers warm up to them - Taco Bell Programming is about developers knowing enough about Ops (and Unix in general) so that they don't overthink things, and arrive at simple, scalable solutions'

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"Every time you write code or introduce third-party services, you are introducing the possibility of failure into your system. I have far more faith in xargs than I do in Hadoop." (/via @affanzbasalamah)

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