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member. Grand project to design a concurrent PL with eventually consistent data structures as first-class citizens—for . Also, .

Philosophically, think meets meets .

Teetotal, ternary . Antithesis of foodie. Wondering what a social life might be.🤔 / 4w5.

Currently writing a splatbook ⅋ planning on some / thingies.

Or sumfin.

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If your work product comes wrapped in a disclaimer of liability, you're not an engineer.

If any harm your work product does has ever been excused on the grounds of "oh, well, computers", you're not an engineer.

If you work for a company that hands out the title "software engineer" to individuals for whom either of the above are true, no one who works there is likely an engineer, yourself included, shiny title notwithstanding.

Sorry. Truth can be a real pain.

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@teosenni Tooted the outcome of that analysis here:

Essentially, I wanted to back up a subjective assertion for a thing with objective data, only to learn in really looking at the data that my assertion was objectively wrong.

Which, in the end, is why we look at data. Not to merely corroborate our hypotheses, but whenever possible, to disprove them.

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"Birds fall from the window ledge above mine.
Then they flap their wings at the last second.
You see birds fall from the window ledge above mine.
Then they flap their wings at the last second.
I can see their dead weight
Just dropping like stones..."

~ Mr. Mastodon Farm, Cake

Names should be aspirational. Like, if you have the opportunity to, imagine who the you that you're striving to be is. What that person means.

Both of my names are meant to be guides, reminders, of who I originally 'designed' myself to become, or aspired toward. If they didn't fit, I'd change the name. But they do, so here we are.

Bring about change: stuff your pockets with coins.

When I read about the history of electronic #drone #music, the names that come up often are Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Spiegel, Delia Derbyshire, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Now I've just learned about Maryanne Amacher.

If it hasn't been done already, someone should investigate and interpret a feminine/feminist history of the genre of electronic drone music. There seems to be something there.

Pet Peeve: Hulu adverts that refuse to play until you bring the tab into focus... for product that 19 out of 20 viewers aren't in the market for.

"Duct tape. Trust me. This stuff's amazing."

~ Dr. Linda.

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TFW steam downloads what seems to be the same quarter gig update every time you open it.

if the big thing preventing you from jumping on this hot new Forth craze was the hassle of both finding a good primer and installing the software then you should probably check out Easy Forth, a basic introduction to Forth with inline repl to play with while reading

Fucking hate card-capture ATMs designed to ensure customers leave their card behind.

ATM card should never leave the customer's hand. If you need to access the chip again, have the customer re-dip the card, but don't lock onto it and force them to leave it until the transaction is over and they forget about it.

This is ATM security 101, as taught to banks by MasterCard's security division when I worked there, but hey, who fucking cares about security when you've got a neat chip on the card?

"Look out!" someone shouted, pointing to the large shambling reanimated stitched-together corpse wearing a pinstripe suit. "It's Frankenstein!"

"Actually," the figure said, pulling out a tommy gun, "me Frankenstein's mobster, see?"

Maybe most interesting is Acorn's BBC Micro - it's a reasonable 8bit machine as is, but architected to act as a front-end to a bigger faster "second processor" - from Z80 to x86, and the very first ARM product.

These days, you can plug a Raspberry Pi into the bottom of your Beeb, and it can emulate a few second processors: a 274MHz 6502, a 100MHz Z80, a 6809, an x86, an ns32k, an ARM.

Then run GEM, or PanOS, or CP/M, and write in Pascal, Fortran, Lisp, C.

@shoutcacophony @ajroach42

@vfrmedia @djsundog @ajroach42

Before there was Apple I wrote 6502 assembler on Kim single board computers. My best project was an interrupt driven music synthesizer where I could change the code while it was running.

My joke was:

My favorite high level language is 68000 assembler.

I don't even want to think about writing assembler for Pentiums.

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maybe they're taking "eat the rich" seriously and drinking raw water and not vaccinating to dissuade us

@ajroach42 lol only reason I mention it is (a) pascal is generally considered pretty approachable / a good learning language and (b) the stack basically gives you a baremetal pi pascal toolkit that would let you write a gopher client and an email client and so on

And I can't see a good reason not to do this, or why this wouldn't work.

I mean, I see a couple of reasons (it's kinda dumb, honestly) but I'm amazed that we don't have more devices designed like this already in use!

So #DIY / #Maker / #retrocomputer community, what am I overlooking? Why couldn't this work? Has it already been done? Do you want to do it? (I don't think I have the knowledge or the room in my schedule to lead a project like this, but I'd contribute emotionally/financially.)

Aminaniacs are now on my preferred television streaming service.

C'mon, sing a long with me... 🎵 🎶