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Making is all about screwing up.

It's about having the confidence to screw up in increasingly creative ways.

It's the art of getting it wrong with such flair and panache that you can't help but be entertained by your own ineptitude.

It's the ability to foil so many of your own plans that you are left with no option but to stumble into a solution that works.

A solution, that when found, leaves you awestruck by what you have accomplished.

And it is in pursuit of that awe that the Maker makes.

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Programming, a story:

"I want to create X." *start creating X*

"Oh, no. I'll need to create Y to properly do X." *start creating Y*

"Oh, wait, Y really would make better sense with Z." *start developing Z*

"Meh, I'm sick of doing this work without Ω." *start putting together Ω*

"This would all work better if only I had ß." *start building ß*

Jack, ✓. House, ✓. Malt, ✓. Rat, ✓. Cat, ✓. Dog, ✓. Cow, ✓. Turtle, ✓. Turtle, ✓. Turtle, ✓. Turtle, ✓...🐢↓ 🐢↧ 🐢↯

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Imposter syndrome is the belief that because you are capable of the virtue of doubt, you're somehow less prepared for the challenges of life than the many hubristic arseholes who lack the sense to recognize any consequences of their own poor judgment.

The world doesn't need more overconfidence. It needs more folk comfortable with doubt, of themselves, of their practices and institutions. Questioning our ability or preparedness to do a thing is not the same as being unable to do that thing.

Dumb shower thought: you know how we associate infrared with heat? iRobot Virtual Walls are literally just painting "the floor is lava" for Roombas

Question for the experts:

Is black (PLA) filament more or less resistant to UV degradation?

In other words: does the black color help absorb UV light before it can harm the plastic/polymers?

@InspectorCaracal anyway it's about this point in Said Family Member's soapbox rant about how the majority of AI programming these days is shit that i claim the soapbox for myself, and start yelling about how this is what you get when you divorce STEM completely from the liberal arts and raise graduates on the idea that silly social sciences where you have empathy for other people or look at history and its effects are completely not needed when you have the ability to crunch numbers

WHAT PEOPLE THINK ETHICAL ISSUES IN AI ARE: wow.... we're creating... new life........

WHAT ETHICAL ISSUES IN AI ACTUALLY ARE: techbros worshiping the almighty algorithm, not caring to look at what bad patterns the machines are picking up (racism, sexism, etc) and how to avert them, and overreliance on neural networks meaning that said algorithms are treated as magical black boxes where nobody wants to (or can, really) point out exactly how the equation works (and why it may be faulty)

normalize self-reinvention for everyone tbh. name changing should be merely the start. people shouldnt be afraid to discard the parts of themselves that are holding them back or that they feel like they need to shed

How did we let them shape the narrative with

“She’s only going after him because he has money.”

And not

“He only went after her because he had the money.”


Nice to see more companies put the ever controversial "respect other players" and "kick toxic dipshits out of your gaming groups" advice in their books

It's only a universal serial bus because there are an infinite number of dongles to convert it into something else.

English needs a neither-nor construction but for trinary constructions.

Holy shit, never considered that, but this is likely accurate.

my answer to "how are you" is almost always what im doing, which sounds like vulnerability avoidance but actually it's more representative of my emotional state than stupid words can convey

The best comparison I can make is that programming in other languages is akin to day after day making oneself unfashionably late for an appointment desperately hunting for one's eyeglasses, only to find those eyeglasses have been tucked up above your hairline all that time.

Where programming in Elixir more closely resembles engaging with a compelling academic paper or work of philosophy, and finding the deep satisfaction that comes in that moment that the subject at hand just clicks into place.

By comparison, debugging in Elixir has mostly involved fixing trivial mistakes as soon as they're flagged without having to guess at them, and once those are resolved, thinking deeply about the abstraction one's dealing with and working out how one has gotten slightly off base about the canonical approach to using that abstraction, and then it just works.

Part of what makes Elixir such a joy to write programs in is how different the experience of debugging is from other languages I've worked with.

More often than not, debugging in other languages involves encountering an error, puzzling over that error, trying some things to figure out what caused that error, puzzling some more when that doesn't work, examining source files again and again, rinse, repeat, pull hair, only to eventually discover an hour later some stupid and trivial mistake.

“Missing, bad, or inconsistent song metadata is a crisis that has left, by some estimations, billions on the table that never gets paid to the artists who earned that money. And as the amount of music created and consumed continues to increase ... it’s only going to get messier”
Dit is nog veel complexer als bij boeken zo te zien. Metadata is the biggest little problem plaguing the music industry https://www.thev…

Saw someone carry down a stroller into the subway station. The station was recently refurbished with anti laying down benches, new tiles and new electric displays (mostly for ads) and was closed for 6 months. They didn't add an elevator. It is ridiculous that a basic need for many people is ignored to hurt homeless and sell more products.

linux: sudo rm -rf / lolololol

commodore 64: "Remember, you can't hurt the computer by typing on it, and the best way to learn BASIC is to try different things and see what happens."

commodore 64: peek, poke, it's all in the mind, if you wanna look there, i'm sure you'll find, a register is just a box with a purpose, nevertheless you'll get a lesson from the manual now POKE

linux: :(){ :|: & };:

When someone says "wow you're like, super smart" what I hear is "wow you did a bad job explaining that thing and I now think it is accessible only to 'super smart' people"

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