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Making is all about screwing up.

It's about having the confidence to screw up in increasingly creative ways.

It's the art of getting it wrong with such flair and panache that you can't help but be entertained by your own ineptitude.

It's the ability to foil so many of your own plans that you are left with no option but to stumble into a solution that works.

A solution, that when found, leaves you awestruck by what you have accomplished.

And it is in pursuit of that awe that the Maker makes.

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Programming, a story:

"I want to create X." *start creating X*

"Oh, no. I'll need to create Y to properly do X." *start creating Y*

"Oh, wait, Y really would make better sense with Z." *start developing Z*

"Meh, I'm sick of doing this work without Ω." *start putting together Ω*

"This would all work better if only I had ß." *start building ß*

Jack, ✓. House, ✓. Malt, ✓. Rat, ✓. Cat, ✓. Dog, ✓. Cow, ✓. Turtle, ✓. Turtle, ✓. Turtle, ✓. Turtle, ✓...🐢↓ 🐢↧ 🐢↯

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Imposter syndrome is the belief that because you are capable of the virtue of doubt, you're somehow less prepared for the challenges of life than the many hubristic arseholes who lack the sense to recognize any consequences of their own poor judgment.

The world doesn't need more overconfidence. It needs more folk comfortable with doubt, of themselves, of their practices and institutions. Questioning our ability or preparedness to do a thing is not the same as being unable to do that thing.

@halcy As a professional translator, I can do nothing but laugh at the feeble attempts at teaching computers natural language processing while completely disregarding sociolinguistics.

I won’t be out of a job anytime soon.

When in cities we have to work with the space that is available, we have to think about how to divide this space. And if this means more, safer, wider bike and walking areas, this will mean less space for riding and parking cars. It's a tradeoff, an important one, and one that privileged ppl probably don't want.

THIS should be what #environment politics should be about. Making the tough decisions we have to make for the benefit of us all.

Speaking of match-making, that sounds like it would be a good fit for a federated event tracking system.

Is there any movement in the ActivityPub space regarding publishing event announcements (specifically with RSVP functionality?)

In the past, I have applied to work for a number of startups in this space, but they're all out to take a cut of attendance fees or push ads down your throat for other event.

I'd love to promote non-shitty versions of those things.

((Roomba protocols are simple: if it's on the floor, it MUST be dirt or hair. If Roomba encounters a thing it doesn't understand, it will attempt to consume it - if Roomba cannot consume the thing, Roomba will destroy it. American foreign policy, but for your carpets))

(as an aside,the nice thing about Roombas is less in how they clean your floors and more in how they change your habits. You can set a Roomba to run every day at a certain time, and sooner or later you will, and in doing so you'll discover that Roomba doesn't distinguish between cat hair and vital invoices, and so you'll deep your worthwhile items in places other than THE FRIGGIN' FLOOR and your non-worthwhile items in the bin.)

Dear Apple: I realize that when you say "This app is not compatible with future versions of the operating system" you want me to think "I'd better update the app!" but what I really think is "I'd better not update the operating system!"

From the handbook:

"Astronomy Day is usually celebrated between mid-April and mid-May, on the Saturday closest to the [day of] the first-quarter Moon."

Between mid-month and mid-month? Right. And when you get two first-quarter moons in that squishily defined period? Then what?

So, you're introducing astronomy to the public by being as vague as possible about astronomical phenomena you use to set the date of the day of public outreach, because that represents the subject matter well, yes?

TFW when you have to contact an astronomical society to find out how a holiday they sponsor, the date of which is based on lunar cycles, but which is so vaguely defined as to when it occurs as to leave it unclear when the holiday will be in future years--to get clarification as to how the holiday's date is to be calculated.

Because astronomy is all about vague hand-wavy explanations of when things are due to happen.

Is the word for the dominance of the assumption of right-handedness "dexteronormativity"?

Looking for a term that refers to a way of understanding or interpreting history.

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"A feminist approach to technology requires a strong critique of capitalist power, centralisation of services and the logic of vertical integration while holding nuance for the tensions between trust, reliability and diversity."

it rules that a bunch of overly optimistic researchers in the 50s called their problem solving algorithms "artificial intelligence" and now a bunch of dweebs think that glorified statistical solvers are going to create a pure platonic intelligence in the next five years (its always in the next five years, every year)

any calendar system that removes April 1st entirely from the system could do so and claim it as the ultimate April Fool's prank

modern programming is less about not reinventing the wheel and more about using a sports car to move firewood across the yard

if you put your dice in a cup of water they should show their bias.

if they land on random numbers they are unbiased

if they repeatedly land on the same thing they are biased

if they drown they are a witch

"Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity?"

Sounds like a silly question, but makes for a rather intriguing read!

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