if four people on .social put #RIPPizzaMan in their bio it would be on the list to the side. just saying

Workin on the lesbian flag planet for me gf, I already fucked up once so I’m attempting to rectify it w a color blend (never done that before)

you've been visited by the froggy of kissing a girl! fave to fill your 2019 with kisses, boost to share the gift of kissing with all your friends

Who am I fuckin kidding she still looks amazing

Y’all know what show I miss? The Nanny

It was good and v cute and Fran was lookin SO FINE 😎

hey guys!!! it's my birthday!!! can i get some boosts :D

what's your favorite kind of pizza? i like a pizza with gross ass little pellets of whatever the fuck. sometimes i will eat a pizza with lettuce on top

@HulkHogan omg I’m a huge fan I love when u say “brother”


these motherfuckers are named after a website 😂😂😂 lmao

That one musical episode of Futurama was better than literally the whole ass entirety of Hamilton

Star Trek 

Rt to enter my giveaway. Winner gets to punch me right in the mouth

There’s this neat ass bookstore like half a mile from my house that’s run by this really cool older punk lady, and there’s an anarchy/leftist SECTION that she calls Red Scare Books and there’s free stickers and stuff and I REALLY LIKE IT

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