Beehive 0.3.2 is out!

We've added a bunch of new hives in this release, so you can now connect your bees with Prometheus, Discord and TravisCI!

Also: a new template helper for JSON data!

Get it here:

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what does this do? i went to github and browsed around the link a bit, but i still have no idea what this does.


This isn't supposed to be a snappy response, instead I'm really wondering:

what part of the introduction in the README is hard to understand & confusing to you? I probably need to do a better job at explaining it.


right. i'm an idiot, and not familiar with github. i occasionally get a little peeved when i see people talking about software in such abstract terms that i can't work out what it does from what they're saying.

that goes back to reading a minix manual once and seeing "... the process is terminated by sending getty a hup."

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