In case anyone's interested, I wrote a looong post about why I'm leaving and how I'd like to see it improve:

Ironically, people on can't see this yet because the servers seem to be backed up. I posted it a while ago and it still hasn't shown up.

@bellebcooper Good post! One thing I'm curious about after reading it: I see you're hosting your own blog anyway. Are you interested in the IndieWeb suite of standards, as they exist independently of's implementation, or do you have concerns about those too?

@jamey I find the IndieWeb stuff good in theory, but really complicated for me personally to understand. I did dip my toes in a little, but I just haven't managed to really get my head around it so far. I don't take any issue with it besides that!

@bellebcooper I have some issues with various IndieWeb stuff myself, but I feel like on the whole their hearts are more or less in the right place... 🤷

@jamey Anything you can share? I really don't know a whole lot about it, so always good to learn from those who do :)

@bellebcooper Haha, I was asking in the first place because your post was so thoughtful I thought I might learn something from you... 😁

Okay, I really like things like WebMention and WebSub, and I don't hate microformats2. They're individually straightforward and if you use more than one they work together nicely.

I'm not sold on e.g. Microsub or the variety of post types, which are complicated and non-compositional. And I think that comes from the non-inclusive "scratch your own itch" value.

@bellebcooper This is a hard question to answer in 500 characters 😅

@bellebcooper @jamey

I'm 100% hovering in this conversation but I'm definitely feeling the same vibes here. I spent the weekend trying to build a greenfield site with all of the specs and it just reminded me of day-to-day work, not the fun I kinda expected

@jalcine @jamey Good way to describe it! I've often felt like that and given up on it. Kinda the same as—I love the fundamental idea & keep coming back to it, but the execution keeps driving me away.

@bellebcooper @jalcine I guess this is why compositionality feels so important to me: you should be able to pick one spec that tackles a problem of immediate importance to you and implement that without getting lost in a yak-shaving ranch. Then if necessary you should be able to implement another spec when the next problem appears, and have the two things work together. You shouldn't have to commit to a whole suite to get some benefit out of it...

@jalcine @bellebcooper Considering I met you in person at IndieWeb Summit this summer, I think you can get away with hovering in a conversation about it 😉

@jamey Aw thanks! Yeah, WebMention is something I never put the effort into setting up, but it seems really clever. It's one of the things I like the idea of best. If I make the time someday, I'll look into more of this stuff, since as you say, the core ideas come from the right place.

@bellebcooper Good post!

I have seen you spend some time on android app with kotlin. Can you share your experience with that? Do you found some tutorial or something to learn? or went with creating a project and learn everything on the way?

@rizwan Thanks! @joshsharp helped me in the beginning and when I got stuck because he already knows Android. I read a book about Kotlin first, then I just started building an app and looked for tutorials for each new thing I wanted to do. I fumbled my way through and got stuck a lot! Ray Wenderlich is a good site for tutorials.

@bellebcooper @joshsharp I got some interest on android when Google announced that they support Kotlin. Learning on the go is best idea to learn new stuff. Thanks for you suggestion.

@KevinMarks A little! I've found it a bit overwhelming so far and haven't got my head around it all. I like the ideas in theory, though.

@bellebcooper @KevinMarks

if I told you I'm still working to implement a indieauth server from hand right now, would you believe me? lol

@bellebcooper try for a walk through, and is a good place to ask questions - micropub may be what you want in a posting API (and it works with too)

@bellebcooper I definitely agree. I gave it a good shot, but found the lack of diversity and the large amount of quirky things that I ran into kinda turned me off.

@jag It's nice to hear I'm not the only one! The backlash in the community itself has really made me feel like an unwanted outsider who's ruining their party, but I get the feeling anyone else who doesn't love it there has moved on, so it's only the die-hards left. Tough crowd 😏

@bellebcooper Ah man I'm sorry you got a lot of flack from that post. I'm glad to see you on Mastodon though! I loved your posts during my days. 😊

@jag Thanks! I'm still unsure where I'll end up spending most of my time now, but this seems like a good contender :)

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