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New folks!

Don't like Mastodon's narrow column layout? Force it to use all your screen width with the following:
(Stylus is the non-evil version of Stylish, install this first. I use FF, I'm sure a chrome version exists somewhere)
(This bit is the userstyle that forces Mastodon columns to fill your screen)

Is this the year that cold virus finally wins and wipes us all out? Another week and seemingly another cold has descended upon the family -_-

@ben0_o We added API for this in 2.7, but no UI tab yet

Random idea for a Mastodon tool you never realised you needed:

You've clicked on a user and you want to check out their timeline and it's 90% boosts and 10% of their own toots. So you click the magic *hide boosts* button under their profile menu and bam, now you can see what they actually have to say when they aren't supporting everyone else.

I think I've finally got some good VR footage tonight without screaming kids (my end) or screaming kids (within the online game I'm playing). I'll chop that up and upload it tomorrow, life permitting.

I wish I'd gone for the NES mini and not the C64 mini, the games are a little bit shit and not brilliant for the kids..

I drank too much last night playing games so today I'm paying the price for it.

Wife has suggested a fryup for dinner..I'm keeping that woman.

Eldest does her trip back to her other family tomorrow. Annnd we've just had rainy-sleety threatening to be snow type weather. So that means there will be a blizzard over the peak district then >.<

Sleep was high yesterday yet motivation was low. Baby boy ensured sleep was interupted and brief last night yet motivation is high..?

I only ever seem to get work done when absolutely knackered 🙃

Heads up for those with a political burnout (UK) Show more

Morning folks o/
Change of routine for me and baby boy from now on as baby girl does slightly longer days at school. I'll be missing her today, but not missing the having to go out twice to pick up each child at differing finish times!

Off to sunny shropshire today. That might be overly optimistic.

Morning folks o/

That scene from crocodile dundee where he moves to the city and having never seen so many people in one spot he greets them all? That's me every morning on the school run to all the mums/dads dropping off their kids. I'm not awake yet, I'm compelled to be polite, but I'm not quite ready for actual conversation.

I need to work out a friendly 'please continue to greet me' yet 'go away until at least midday' face.

Windows 10 upgrade fullscreens an upgrade window..but left all my applications running.
...They didn't really think this through?

Morning folks o/
Windows 10-ifying my win8.1 install today so I can have extra oculus features :\

I guess I've held off long enough but if I want games/vr I need to sell my soul.

My daughter looked over and saw me watching a vid from the LockPickingLawyer.. Long story short, she now has a set of my lockpicks, a few padlocks and firm understanding of not doing anything nefarious..

Too tired to concentrate (although I napped earlier out of nowhere which helped massively), however an idea popped into my head about unity and oculus.
I now have some tutorials ready for me to play around with when I'm more cogent.

Wife back at work today, kids back tomorrow. Plans to get an early night in preparation backfired spectacularly and declared a failure at 2am when still awake. More news at 11. Or whatever time it is now.

Ugh, when do VR 'sea-legs' kick in? I made myself very ill back peddling away from sword wielding folks in Blade and Sorcery. I can't do slidey locomotion -_-

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