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New folks!

Don't like Mastodon's narrow column layout? Force it to use all your screen width with the following:
(Stylus is the non-evil version of Stylish, install this first. I use FF, I'm sure a chrome version exists somewhere)
(This bit is the userstyle that forces Mastodon columns to fill your screen)

Hmm, I should download and play Solar Empire for the amstrad CPC...

Saw a fanbelt on the street near my car after my picking of the kids and remembered I heard a fan belt squeal in around that same place, either this morning or yesterday. Bonnet up, quick check and no, its not mine. However I did manage to break off the lift up ford badge (which hinges up in the way to allow the key to unlock the bonnet), after dropping the bonnet to close.
See I sorta knew my car was broken, I just had to break it first.

Anyone played with cjdns on a pi before? Playing around with mesh networks looks interesting, although I doubt I'd get many hits around my local area

Morning Mastafarians o/

Boring weekend behind us, boring week ahead. I might need to find new (cheap) hobbies to help keep me sane -_-

I'm still noticing the home time line skip a few pages when scrolling. Anyone else having the same issue?

Any birdwatching folk here in my part of the Fediverse? If so - do you use any computer-based tools to manage your lists?

I'm looking to develop something as a new side project and want to make sure I haven't missed a tool that's already out there...

Anyone else notice the home TL on m.s now scrolls a few pages at once every now and then? I think it hiccups each time it loads a new chunk of toots and scrolls down too far as a result

Currently enforcing homework rules on eldest child and I'll tell you now parenting can be a thankless task -_-

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Huh, of all the things I'm missing currently, I didn't think I'd ever need to go out and buy a floppy serial cable ever again 0_o

Surely there is some modern usb type take on the humble floppy diskette drive these days that'll save me trying to use one of the ancient ones I have lying around...

I'm still waiting on a SCART to HDMI convertor but my Atari is set up ready. My hand keeps finding that boxy mouse instead of my gaming one and that pleases me no end. This is literally my childhood PC (after the Amstrad, anyway).

I'm so used to seeing the people of Mastodon from far flung regions of the world that when I spot multiple(!) people near or from my drab little town it surprises me.

*waves from Newcastle-under-lyme*

I'm starting to dislike bonfire n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ week. Keeps waking up the kids!

Quick trip into town completed, I had a cheque back from the DVLA which needed banking.

Of course if you wish to pay /them/ you can pay instantly over the internet..when they need to repay you, they pay via the 1600's technology...

I've found a gcc compiler for Atari ST, I'm totally going to try to write a game for it like I used to with STOS back in the day ^^

Spent some of today mounting my monitor on a swing arm above the desk. Now I can fit my proper keyboard as well as one of the Atari STs :)
New cables on their way too so I can plug it into my modern display..however I still need to get a SCART to HDMI upscaler to actually make it work.

I don't like all this house tidying lark, much more fun to make the mess in the first place.

Watching a video about lockpicking, I noticed this mat on her desk with little sections for holding screws, etc.. I think I found it on Amazon. Looks super handy.
And a bigger one:

Eldest now has a high sleeper bed, complete with built in desk and wardrobe.
Am knackered. 5 hours to unpack and put the thing together, which I'll consider a good par as littlest kept me up most of the night before hand.
Beer me, someone. I'm pooped.

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