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It's a little harder for it to get noticed now but for any new folks looking for something going on around Mastodon (or at least, I've written a bot that collects s and forms when one appears.

It comes in two flavours:

The 1st one is a 'quiet' meaning you have to follow it before you see it's hourly reports. The other one spams local, but is hosted on a different instance.

Wait..I'm an idiot. I've found the setting to do exactly that

I wish I could turn boosts off in ..many boosts make it harder to keep up with people on mobile

Another day at A&E... I'm done now pls

I've found that writing bots for Masto works better when Masto is working 🙄

Morning folks o/
Kids developed a new sickness last night and continue to wake each other up with loud, dry coughing -_-
C'mon, we need a break..

is really funny. I've not looked for work for ages yet I get calls all the time from companies that mysteriously have me in their database despite never contacting or dealing with them directly. In other words they bought my details in a list which keeps circulating.
Now I'm getting phone calls from companies I've never heard from who are beginning to shit bricks and want to know if I want to remain in their database. Fuckers.

This is a pretty cool btw. I play Duck Game on a regular basis and for a shitty little game I paid £6 for ages ago, it's actually become a regular in our little game night group. Rocket League, Besieged and Stick Fight are worth a look also:

Just got back from dropping off at school and I've just noticed I have a massive bruise and a couple of track marks on my arm after the two bloodtests this past week.

Great.. Thanks to the above, the T-shirt weather and the unshaven appearance because life has been a bit stressful/shitty the last few days I look like I'm sporting the junkie look at the school gates this season. Very chic.

I did end up losing a follower last night after my rant..which is fine, people come and go and not everyone has to agree with me etc. That said it would be nice now and then to know who it was that was offended by certain posts. There's probably a bot that could be written for this but not one that'd prove to be a force for good

Morning folks o/
Rough night last night as the kids were up seemingly every even numbered hour from midnight onwards ☕

Yeah, I'm not going to leave those last toots up. I just need to breath, ignore and remember it's often a wasted effort to fight against people's opinion.
Rather than comment and risk being misconstrued I think I'll revert to just blocking people I personally find offensive or rascist.

Made a fractal desktop wallpaper pack :)

$1, 10 lovely fractals in 16x9 and 4x3.

Don’t forget to take a minute to take care of yourself while you’re doing things for others this week! OR ELSE.

...aaaand it's over. That was a tad underwhelming.

ooh's starting to storm over here

I'm not sure I like the hashtag bot reporting over 12 hours. Yes it picks up lots of double occurrences but even those are hardly a trend. I might bump it back down to 3 or 4 hours and let it do more unique tag clouds until a real trend appears

Finally installed and tested those cheap £10 each 500gb drives after much case and cable wrangling..

"yeah, these drives are refurbed, Many don't see more than 4 months usage.. ..I'm just telling you so you don't think I'm conning you, you know we have to be fairly reputable to hold a stand here.."

3.5 and 4.5 years power on time 🙄 still, no bad sectors and everything else in the tests seems fine. Pretty good for the price

The computer fair was alright - I picked up a few refurbed 500gb drives for a tenner each (shall have to SMART test that gamble later on) and a few other bits. There were loads of old thinkpads and netbooks there that looked tempting (I'm always keen on something tiny with a keyboard I can at least use terminal on now and then) but non of the batteries were 'tested' AKA really old stock and probably knackered.

Ooh, looks like there is a computer/tech fare going in Stoke, I think we'll go take a look..

The hashtag bot's new features seem to be working well and correctly so far, however it needed a slight tweak this morning so a newer iteration has just gone up.

I'd forgotten to re-enable some of the anti-spam rules that should have been turned back on after testing. This should help curb some of the high trending hashtags seemingly coming from a single user's regular tooting.

As per every new version, counts are now reset as it rebuilds trends over the next couple of hours