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So cold driving home tonight that the window washer jets froze..which caused the fuse to blow meaning no washers or wipers on the way home :S

This is what I get for replacing my wiper fluid with water in a pinch instead of proper washer fluid :+\

Morning folks o/
Quick cuppa before I go pick up eldest child

Bitterly cold day today and yep, there's snow on my favourite route -_- long way around on the motorway it is then

Giving Astroneer a go tonight as soon as it finishes downloading πŸ›°

Why are we forecast snow again? Always when I need to travel over the peaks which are very susceptible to snow -_-

I'm not sure if I have too much computery spare parts or the house is shrinking. If I convince myself it's the latter, I don't have to throw anything away, right?

I think I need to get out more this weekend, I'm starting to feel like my life is stuck on repeat -_-

Further update to my distro hopping: Linux mint+cinnamon FTW. My mouse works without xorg.conf editing. No screen tearing by default (looking at you XFCE4) and I can stream games from steam and full speed from the windows box. I tried to like you Manjaro but I need shit to work

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the father. ;)

Morning folks o/
I didn't sleep. Baby boy is currently sleeping peacefully on a cushion, on the floor. I'm planning the many ways I can maximise the embarrassment when he turns 18.

I'm having an out of XFCE4 experience. WoooOOoooo

Damn, I can't install firefox containers anymore now the experiment is over? I found it really handy to keep facebook in check

Wife might be in for a shock in moving from an enterprise copy of win10 with everything turned off to a crapware filled home version. I'm not allowed to touch it or change anything yet so I shall see how long she can endure ;)

Wife's new laptop arrived. Cortana active and listening during set up is a fucking stupid idea

Joined a random DiRT Rally league I found on reddit, on a whim. I guess I should dust off dirt and get some practice in

Morning folks o/
We changed things up last night and as a result baby boy slept much better. We are all awake and alert n such 0_0

I like Manjaro, but I think I need to move back to mint or cinnamon..

Leaving preschool == best tantrum from the little girl, ever. We had full on screaming, shrieking, pulling and crying etc. I shall remind her of this moment when she's older and hates school