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Spent much of today building a dash for my wheel. I have some switches on order from Maplin arriving tomorrow so hopefully I can begin to wire it all up and take some pics

I *nearly* went to bed early (earlier than I have been, anyway). But I coughed as I got into bed and woke smallest child -_-


I've just remembered that StarTrek:Discovery is still a thing, I need to go look at that again. I still can't bring myself to abbreviate

I couldn't see a tourist track-day for Nordschleife on pcars2 so I hosted one and had a steady influx of racers throughout the night. There's a weird sense of comradery that only ever happens on that track alone: People give way, wait for others to catch up so they can race together and are generally nicer to one another (instead of the quiet, hateful tolerance felt when actually racing properly). Quite an enjoyable night

Kinda gutted that the ancient walkie talkies from my childhood, which I liberated from home this past weekend, no longer seem to function. I'm not sure if I should try to salvage them or hollow them out and let the kids play with the empty shell. I kinda want the components from inside and who uses a walkie talkie on 27MHz, anyways.

I'm not entirely sure these are even toys tbh I found the registered design on the UK gov website:

In some form of Outer Limits end of days, alternate reality, mirror universe type shit..we woke up before the kids on a Sunday. I think somehow the planets aligned during a convergence in the force, the schwartz, many cultist sacrifices and the conclusion of least 3 ancient, semi-apocalyptic prophecies.

Gutted. We forgot to use the pack of crackers over xmas so I disassembled them and taped them to the top cupboard door to scare the wife when she made a cup of tea.

Bloody tape failed and it didn't go bang. Ohwell, I have three more..should I tape one to the loo? πŸ€”

I decided to take my dedicated race set up down and move my main PC in the corner of the room, behind the sofa where the race stuff used to reside. The good thing is that because I have to isolate myself to use it, I've hardly sat on it today and instead gotten so much more work done. It's a bit too easy to turn my PC on and browse all day instead of doing actual things

I need to be careful. I've gotten so much housework done today, the last thing I need to do is set a precedent 0_0

I think I might have broken my race wheel after only 5 months of light use 😑 (I'm a parent, gaming sessions are few and far between at the best of times).
Worse still, I bought it at a discount and it's no longer stocked. So no like-for-like swap and the refund won't cover the cost of a similar wheel -_-

Had to drop something off at the school today for toddler girl's registration. It was only her second visit but she wanted to stay so badly we had a shitfit all the way home because I wouldn't let her go in and play πŸ˜†

Trying to pick up back up some old programming projects with the new year but the kids are having none of it -_- I'm starting to remember why I put all this on hold in the first place >.>

I've finally gotten around to listening to the new APC track.. I feel complete.

Merry it's nolonger xmas and a happy it's well into the new year already o/

Oh dear, Wife has gone and slowly bumped her car into a stationary vehicle while trying to let another car pass while on a narrow road. She's fine, the other car is mostly fine but I think she's broken hers a fair bit more.

I must not take the piss. I must not take the piss. I must not take the piss. I must not take the piss. I must not take the piss. I must not take the piss...

I think we are rapidly approaching post Christmas normality. Dinners consumed, presents shared, family endured etc. Now it's time to hide away and finally get into that games list that's been taunting me all year..that or I could just simrace all week :D

This is my first non-sprout related toot for a few days o/

Just a thought Masto, should xmas toots/media be hidden away behind a CW for those wishing to escape from holiday cheer for whatever reason?

Mother in law brought sticker books for the kids to tide them over until xmas... over 1000 stickers.
That's 1000 stickers on our furniture, over the house and underfoot..and a 1000 stickers mistaken for tasty treats by younger baby boy >.<