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New folks!

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(Stylus is the non-evil version of Stylish, install this first. I use FF, I'm sure a chrome version exists somewhere)
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Good morning folks o/
I've given little girl an old camera phone and slipped in an 8gb memory card. All I can hear is multiple clicks of the shutter as she wanders the house and takes quick, unsteady snaps >.<

I once did this with a 2gb card and she produced several thousand pics in a short space of time. It might take me a few days to extract decent shots this time around 😂

Good morning! Just a quick reminder that all my music - mainly #ambient , looping, and serial, is available free here:

Of course, you're welcome to pay what you can, if you can. :)

#creativetoots #mastomusic

Final Space on Netflix tries too hard, but it's the variant of trying to hard that's funny so it gets a pass. Just this one time.

(For those curious I was double checking a previously posted 'proof of identity' signed text file I'd linked to my Mastodon account to. This now fails to verify).

I give up on keybase. No one I keep in touch with used it, it's chat system was abysmal and worse still I've realised that anything encrypted previously was tied to the ALL computing devices you had linked to your account AT THAT MOMENT. Meaning that if anything had changed, say I'd reformatted my PC, nothing previously created will now decrypt, despite still having my paper token.
OK, fine, it's trust model is based on connected devices but having now realised what a PITA this is, I'm done.

Wife came home, sodded me off to bath and bed to catch up on a couple of hours sleep and bloody hell I needed that. My everything aches but in a good way.
(Fingers crossed too, baby boy went down much easier tonight during my snooze and *should* be set for an easier night all round. Famous last words be damned).

I'm sure I've probably asked this before but have since forgotten the answer.. why do we all call it birdsite and not twitter? What's the harm in calling it by the proper name?

At least I've finally managed to pay that outstanding parent pay bill (that is to say they've finally set up the account and not balls'ed it up this time). Screenshot'd and saved transaction IDs, just to be on the safe side ;)

Morning folks o/
Its times like this I really miss coffee :( I might have to bend the no caffeine rule just to exist at this point, however my chest is already knackered/thumping from exhaustion

I think I alluded to baby boy almost sleeping through a few days ago...well that completely flipped on its head. Something is bothering him at night and he remains awake for hours and hours. He barely sleeps in my arms and putting him to bed is a definite no no.
I'm gonna need a break soon (its been a few nights at once). If this goes on any longer I think I might be a danger on the road for lack of concentration :s

So, parent pay is a steaming pile of wank then? Is that the general consensus?

Little girl had an acc set up, then she was taken off it, put back on but its not stuck etc. Schools are useless enough without sticking a layer of crappy technology between us and them >.>

I just had a system crash mid workflow and the ext4 journal roll back thing really fucked with my brain until I realised what happened. I guess I'll redo that all again then >.>

Chocolate and Irn Bru...breakfast of champions

T'was a stressful day, now temporarily resolved (or at least tomorrow's problem).
I'm going to settle into some programming and get my old gl engine code ported over to linux (and somehow replace/recompile glew?)

What are people using for c++ dev on Linux (manjaro)? Anjuta was good but a bit messy (files everywhere in project folder), I quite like geany for simplicity so far but I have to build/execute externally with that.

Boy woke up so I got his milk ready and sat with him until it warmed up..then promptly fell asleep for 2 hours 0_o

Upright sofa sleeping isn't quite sleep so I'm uber tired today.. But I do like this new trend of not really needing the night feeds.. I might actually be able to do that continuous unbroken sleep thing 0_0

I have a habit of remembering who people are from their profile picture/name (NOT their username)... Which means after about a few months when you've all changed pictures and set your topical names I forget which person is which >.<

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