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It's a little harder for it to get noticed now but for any new folks looking for something going on around Mastodon (or at least, I've written a bot that collects s and forms when one appears.

It comes in two flavours:

The 1st one is a 'quiet' meaning you have to follow it before you see it's hourly reports. The other one spams local, but is hosted on a different instance.

I might dust off TheCrew while I'm looking at Uplay. The game where all the world's problems can be solved by racing cars.. It's like knightboat

I completely forgot I have uplay installed..also weirdness in that apparently I have Assassin's Creed 4?!
It must have been a freebie from somewhere as I've avoided Asscred games since the first one was was such a let down to me. I wonder if this one is worth a download as the pirate ship simulator it was said to be?

Found a party invitation in little girls school bag this morning.. As a parent I'm thrilled. As an introvert I'm PANIC AAARRGGHH WUBBLELELEPIDDLYFNNNOIK

It'll be fine. It'll be fine. I shall hate every minute of it but I shall endure.

Little girls MMR jab was eventful; as soon as the needle touched her arm she wrestled the needle out faster than the nurse could react, causing a long painful scratch instead.
There were tears. More so when her baby brother joined in. His eyes were like saucers and definitely did not like the idea of his sister upset.
Job done (jabs done) and all made better with the chocolate peace offering I brought along with me.
I feel the level of trust between us went down today..

We were watching StarTrek TNG and little girl runs up and calls me captain daddy. Awesome I thought, I'll take that.

No. What she actually meant was she watches a kid's show called Swashbuckle who's main characters (on the 'bad-guy' side) are 'Cook', first mate 'Line' and of course, captain Stinker. She obviously heard the reference to captain during TNG.. So now I'm Captain Daddy/Captain Stinker.

Cheers kid. I mean, I'll still take it but yeah..cheers >.<

You can now stream my + / - 50 track compilation album "Retrospective" using #funkwhale here:

If you want to help me through a tight financial transition as I start my new temporary job with no pay for 4 weeks, you can pay me anything from Zero to Infinity for it, on #bandcamp here:

Thank you! 🎶

#mastomusic #creativetoots #music #ambient

hmm, I've only just realised my hashtag bot crashed and hasn't tooted for a week or so.. I'm not overly observant.
It might stay dead now though.. I'd forgotten about it and I don't think anyone else noticed it'd gone silent, anyway.

Still, was a nice experiment.

I'm knackered, I spent much of today rebuilding my dash for my sim rig (the previous one was functional but pretty fuck ugly).

The new one is a little shinier than I expected with it's vinyl cover but I can cope with that. It looks a little empty to the left of the wheel too so I might have to find something to fill the space a bit but overall I'm happy with how it turned out :)

I still have to wire up the damn thing but that's tomorrow-Ben's problem.

Hey folks, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has boosted and donated to Rune and I over the past couple of months. I don't know what we would have done without you. Rune has found work and we should be out of the woods in a few weeks. We could still do with a little help getting there, so one last round of boosts would be hugely appreciated.


Afternoon folks o/

Just come back from a developmental meeting with little girl's nursery school to find she's doing really well :) The last few weeks have seen her really come out of her shell and today I was told she's a really thoughtful, intelligent and confident little girl :D

Morning peeps o/
I was banned by Thanos this morning. I occasionally browse reddit, I never (rarely) comment.. but there was the potential for a badge for it and so I was compelled to partake.

Actually, I take that back...parcels just arrived and now I need to get some racing done ^^

Morning folks o/

It feels a little bit like back to normality today with the heat. Where's a really good storm when you need one?

Today's plan is that I'm going to butcher my desk to fit some arcade controls in. Not sure how I'm going to make the joystick fit yet, mind - the desk is too deep for the stick part

Sometimes I feel like I use Mastodon too infrequently to get a good handle on all the discourse going on. You're all generally locked in a debate about meta and here's me posting something irrelevant then buggering off for a day or two..

I've spent much of today tinkering with my homespun VPN on a VPS.
I've just noticed that because all my home traffic is routed through an IP I'm able to change the hostname of, I no longer need to use an IRC bouncer to hide my host.

I wanted some arcade components this time around to incorporate a joystick and buttons into my desk..but while I was there I saw they were selling an illuminated giant red 100mm button which looked a lot like 2001: a space odyssey...

I can already think of a million uses for this. Most of which are obnoxious in some way.

Pimoroni, pls stop letting me spend money on you

Spun up OpenVPN on one of my VPSs to route all our home traffic via the pfsense router. Obviously not a solution which would enable piracy but it does have the benefit of masking all our internet traffic from our ISP.
Throughput seems mostly unaffected too...

Anyone using PIA as a VPN? How is the speed/latency?