Some of us install 'Stylish' to force wide columns on Mastodon.. Well apparently it's logging all your internet history to create a profile on users:

Time to uninstall, folks :+\

@rtwx I know, right? I guess we should consider this to be default behaviour of all browser plug-ins now unless they explicitly state otherwise. And even then we probably shouldn't trust them still.

@ben0_o true. I mean, that's why I use Keepass without any browser integration extensions.
Sigh. No more pretty instance userstyles for me.

@rtwx @ben0_o Time to install Stylus instead! It's a much more modern and also tracking-free fork:

Widening columns in Mastodon was something I did a few days using Greasemonkey (not aware of any data leak issues).

@catoutofbed I've been linked to an alternative - Stylus is a fork of Stylish that doesn't record any telemetry:
Your 🍔 menus are saved!


More than time to uninstall. It’s time to report #Stylish to our respective #gdpr data authorities.

God damnit, I need to find something new to force my web pages into dark mode.

@thehottestpotato there is an tracking-free fork of Stylish called Stylus that uses the same userstyles:

@ducatdusk use this one instead:

This is a fork of the other one but this one doesn't have any tracking

@ben0_o @kaniini this has been known forever. That's why people have been using Stylus instead.... uses the same userstyles website but the extension itself is open source and doesn't


*tosses hat on floor*

💬 O, chyort pobyery!

That's only *one* reason browser extensions shouldn't exist. Also, I can do absolutely the same with the built ins in my browser.

@ben0o It's known to be malicious for a while.
Just use Stylus, it's a decent fork.
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