moving for real this time:
catch me at @ben_c

I'll self-boost this a bit over the next week or so

ALERT: your computer has one (1) virus, and it’s You,

hot opinion 

*whispering* maybe it was never bird site behavior. It was your behavior.

@elchapo zombo is my favorite website but timecube is my favorite content

Gonna start pronouncing SQL as "squeakquel" to own...well, myself I guess.

The guy who did Piss Christ needs to drink more water

you are all examples of the live mastodon mentality

kids' mental health 

If we can't feed, clothe, house and keep people warm, what the fuck else do we have any business doing

The Federation:
-overweening paternalistic state
-somehow upholds post-scarcity neoliberalism
-occasionally racist

Federated Timeline:
-the voices of all peoples blended into one
-the unity of shitposts
-f͝ree ̧y͢ou͜r ̵m̢in̛d́ an̡d join ͞t͝he͝ r͡ơugh̕ ̷c̷h̶a͡nt̸ing͢ of ҉th͜è eter͝n͏al ͞ma̕s͡se̢s

join the federation? I will never join the federation, I scream as my post is put onto the federated timeline

I began reading "the republic" a year ago, but my interest quickly plateaued.

hey does anyone know how i can get a hold of reggy nintendo? his game isnt working with my lock-on cartridge. i've tried everything.

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