US bars entry to International Criminal Court investigators

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States will revoke or deny visas to International Criminal Court personnel seeking to investigate alleged war crimes and other abuses committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Bonsoir les Français.. Je cherche une twitter liste avec tous les représentants politiques français, tout partis confondu/par partis politiques, à jour.. Ça existe ?
Ça peut aussi être un listing sur le Web que je pourrais scrapper et transformer en liste.. ❣️

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The talk of @aleks at #FOSDEM about #Yunohost has problem with audio and video on some device. I replace it by a new encoded video which works normally. Ping me if not.

New link :

(Thanks to @ButterflyOfFire and @aleks for the report and the precious help)

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La conférence de @aleks au #FOSDEM à propos de #Yunohost a eu des problèmes avec les flux audio et vidéo sur certains appareils Android. Je l'ai remplacée par une nouvelle vidéo réencodée qui fonctionne normalement. Pinguez-moi si ce n'est pas le cas.

Nouveau lien :

(Merci à @ButterflyOfFire et @aleks pour m'avoir rapporté l'erreur et pour leur aide précieuse)

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really impressed by @yunohost evolution from version 2 to (stable) this is getting insanely easy to manage and selhost a wide range of open source apps.
congrats to the team & community around !!

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Please Boost me. I need to reach the top shelf!

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The blackest black paint in the world! Black 3.0 (and the gratifying story behind its development)
(Plus- Descartes)
“Friends share things”*…

Get dark:

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I was going to announce it a bit later and more properly, but Mastodon received a $70k grant from Samsung NEXT through OpenCollective. I intend to make it available to those who contribute to the project, and have already notified some of the most regular contributors. The way OpenCollective works is that anyone can submit an expense and all transactions are listed transparently. It also holds the money.

As for myself, I intend to continue using Patreon for my own wage/costs.

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Une vidéo montre très bien l'usage qui est fait du nouveau fusil "multi-coups" dit "riot gun Penn Arms", offert aux CRS.

6 tirs en rafale, à hauteur de tête, sur une foule de Gilets Jaunes en fuite.

Rue du Calvaire, Nantes, 12 janvier.


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Hellow 👋

If you want to give a hand to the project : we have released a new iteration on the 3.4 testing, and we would be really glad to receive your feedback 😋 !

All the information is available on the dedicated beta-testing post :

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#mastodev There's a way (in Rails, I think) to tell Mastodon to not bother trying to talk to a specific other instance, without defederating from it completely, but I can't remember what it is. Any ideas?

(Context: a couple servers are down and Sidekiq is hanging up a lot trying to deliver information to them because they're timing out.)

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#FOSDEM2019 Keynotes

OK, I think that after removing L for Libre from FLOSS in FOSDEM we might as well remove the E for Europe, as all 4 keynote speakers are U.S.Americans.

Or don't we have European Free Software developers?

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From Twitter 

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‪Update after valid criticism: double the bounty when the bug report is accompanied with a patch that fixes it. Still the same concept. Incentivise collaboration the #OpenSource way. ‬

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