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Booted a new bot, mirror to the existing Birdy site bot 

@sex_abuse_news --> @metoo

Monitoring News / blogs that mention sexual abuses / sexual assaults
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- Warning, some content may be difficult to read or watch, take care of yourself first

The bot is designed to focus on Google News mentions of Sexual Assault, sexual abuses, impact in Religions, Society and Democracy

Denver Rallies in Solidarity with Breonna Taylor Denver, CO – Protests filled city streets all across the country Wednesday night, including in Denver, where hundreds rallied at the Colorado State Capitol and then marched throughout downt... via @UR_Ninja

Peavey Park Sanctuary Homeless Camp Evicted in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN – A long-dreaded eviction of the sanctuary camp at Peavey Park took place today just after 6:00 a.m., an hour before sunrise. Minneapolis Park Police, Minneapolis ... via @UR_Ninja

Just imagine a country where Police murders only take center stage when after years of protest, athletes & "personalities" finally take a stance against Police murders?
If it wasn't for these athletes, going against the tide, if it wasn't for protesting…

Crowd Protests Breonna Taylor Announcement St. Paul, MN – A large protest shut down I-94 in Minnesota’s capital city as people responded to the news that Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankiso... via @UR_Ninja

Patriot Coalition: Leaked Messages Show Far-Right Group’s Plans for Portland Violence The summer of 2020 has seen the city of Portland, Oregon, become a symbol and a venue for the further, dramatic polarization of the United States. Mor... via @bellingcat

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