I want to support decentralisation, but I also want to have some confidence that a Mastodon instance will be around in the somewhat longer term.

Thus, I was thinking about moving to . Anything to be aware of?

It's time — I'm going to try to move to . Crossing my fingers that all goes well and everything transfers over properly.

In case things do not go as smoothly as I'm hoping, you can follow my new account at @VincentTunru.

Turns out it might take up to 24 hours before Mastodon sees that I've linked the two accounts, so I'll try again tomorrow...


More than a week later, and still doesn't detect that I've set up this account as an alias for my new one — guess I'll be staying on mastodon.social for the foreseeable future :/


@vinnl hmm strange..;can you try @vincentunru@fosstodon.org ?

notice the two @
I've always managed to move to & from different instances without any issue...

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@benborges I tried that too, but unfortunately it just removes the @ and then gives the same message.

@vinnl hmm really strange...
let me try moving mine to benb@m.benborges.xyz

@vinnl Is the new account back-referencing this old one?


@vinnl 🤷‍♀️

Worth asking the servers for logs I guess? Especially mastodon.social as they are the ones unable to determine the alias.

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