Howdy folks. Are either of the people following me looking for a new gig by any chance?

shameless startup promotion 

hey folks. it's been a while. here is a blog about a thing what launched today that I helped make. enjoy!

bad uspol joke i'm sorry 

white supremacists in the capital?!?!?! *gasp*

Fuck the US Empire US POL 

"My heart goes out to these police officers putting their lives on the line."
You mean these police officers having a beer with their cousins and taking selfies with the white supremacist coup doers?

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Fuck the US Empire US POL 

American: "Move to the US where we're dying by the 350,000 for pharma billionaires, hundred million food insecure, healthcareless, working 60+ hours to be homeless or stuffed into collapsing buildings drinking frackwater, full to the brim of white nationalist antimaskers who've taken the capital, and routinely mass-imprison or shoot innocent people of your skin color!"
Me: "No, to busy decolonizing Hawaii from your empire. Support the indigenous whose land you're on."

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Pssst. Some buddies of mine have been working on some really interesting and stuff.

I, for one, really want the machines to realize the irony of wiping our species from the planet, and every sign up helps them in that regard.


when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. there is no middle ground.

my cat doesn't want her photo taken. so here's an incredibly happy veggie plate I just made.

Did y'all hear about the scandal? Ernie Kiebler moved himself up to a C-level role totally unapologetically.

Blatant shameless elf promotion.

Today in my house, at least, chili is the root of all evil.

@bendingoutward Ricky's now an old man, works at the five and dime. he did the crime and then he did the ti-i-ime.

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Apropos of nothing,I often poke fun at Metallica for making a sequel to one of their hit songs, unforgiven ii, but I forget that there are honestly very good sequel songs out there. Particularly, chubby checker's Twist Again and blood for blood's Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II).

What's more, I always wanted skid row to make a follow up to eighteen and life about Ricky's life after he makes parole.

I don't answer strange numbers unless they're from a very local npanxx. Today, I missed a call from a land line on the other side of the state. in trying to figure out who called me; didn't leave a message, I ended up at the website if a company with which I have no ties, and their LE certs expired Sunday.

So I enacted my devious plan: I called the number back, listened to the business greeting, and left a message with the simplest instructions I could think of to renew it.

So, I've been tasked with adding a feature to a project that started off via cargo culting a decade ago with little regard for comprehension.

I've totally isolated my code from the rest so as to avoid paying off the technical debt that I didn't directly incur, but every time that I think I'm done, a new bill collector comes around the corner to have a chat.

For those interested, I ended up using `spawn` to execute this bash script at the beginning of every request that I wanted to act like a monster:

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On the one hand, I'm in need of a new office chair, as the one that I've been using for the longest is now two separate entities.

On the other hand, my desk has never been cleaner.

On the one hand, I'm currently grilling in a thunderstorm. On the other, I'm itty bitty. There's all kinds of shit taller than me in the world.

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