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Last evening in Kingisepp. Then back home. Haven't seen much of Russia. But the first evening in St. Petersburg was impressive.

Waiting for my brother. He just wanted to drop in for a few minutes on his way. But now he is stuck for hours on a blocked autobahn. I prepared the couch, so he can stay overnight.

Endlich wieder und endlich wieder einen Lichtblick am Sonntag Abend.

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Went out shooting with a new model yesterday, and I think we both have sore faces from laughing so hard for so long.

Gotta love a good sunset. ^_^

#photography #sunset #australia

Off to Düsseldorf for a modelsharing. Hopefully the weather later will be better as currently here.

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(NSFW) What Stefan Sees

In which I get to interview sensual nude and portrait photographer Stefan Schmitz (and his use of Free Software in his photography).

On my way to attend another photo workshop. I still need to sort and edit three older workshops.

Back from a great concert of "Mr. Hurley und die Pulveraffen" and their great pre band "MacCabe & Kanaka".
Good night all.

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Five minutes to save your twitter following. Why I think models, photographers, producers and fans should take five minutes to get onto Mastodon:


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