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The full version of "The Imperial Sensorium", my essay
exploring how the invasive colonialism of nuclear science, cybernetics and system-think mortifies our political imagination, is available on the New Design Congress:

Remember, the MET "doesn't investigate crimes retrospectively". Good meme

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Bref le Second Amendment c'est pas forcément anodin, la lutte c'est pas contre l'US Army qu'on la mène.

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C'est pas un truc à prendre comme règle générale, là visiblement le commissariat du coin devait pas s'attendre à voir une milice d'auto-défense leur dire de se casser manu millitari.

Tiens ça rappelle le precinct cramé pendant BLM, ça leur fait tout drôle aux cognes.

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Des anars armé.e.s aux US ont protégé un camp de SDF d'une épuration sociale en bonne et due forme encadrée par la police, je dis pas qu'il faudrait un truc similaire à Calais, ou à Paris, etc.

Je note juste.

Apparently the Envoys in the book are just super-human mercenaries, the fact that they were turned into conscious political subjects in the series improves the story a thousandfold.

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Altered Carbon is the hyper-active little brother of Blade Runner, it rocks.

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So there was this pulpy tv show about luddite revolutionaries waging arm struggle against an intergalactic techno-libertarian order and nobody told me?

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"Greenscraper" - work-in-progress from Neofeud 2, the sequel to my cyberpunk adventure game Neofeud 1...
which is 70% off now!

That reminds me of this US lawyer who developed the idea of people being able to invest and speculate on their genetic materials. Susan McKinnon talks about it in Neoliberal Genetics.

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olivier véran a raison à propos de la gauche pastèque…..

"What I didn’t realize at the time was that alongside this new capability came the accumulation of a new form of techno-political power."

Brilliant piece from Dwayne Monroe in

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… all these constitute an aspect of the material conditions of the the so-called information economy/revolution—a "dematerialised" economy itself fashioned by plunder, colonisation, contamination and genocide

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The unbearable heat of some data-centers to their cold-room level temperatures, the deep cuts caused by hardware made of sharp metal and plastic, damages to eyesight and sleep due to monitor gazing, desktop sedentarity back problems and other health issues…

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One of the most deeply-held belief is that digital-related labour is intellectual,dematerialised, or has abstracted away from imposing harsh conditions on the body of workers.

Peter Thiel is not an idiot, despite the idiotic slapdash reasoning he's laying down for the philistines at Schoolchildren could see the holes in his thinking.

But he understands perfectly what he has to say for his audience. Pure affects. Pure aesthetics.

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