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The Democratic Party was incredibly effective when it attacked and destroyed Bernie Sanders but it can’t seem to figure out basic election campaign strategy (again). That’s because its top priority is to defeat the left, not win the presidency. twitter.com/freedomrideblog/st

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This is actually the attitude of virtually the entire US media establishment towards a dissident journalist being tortured and persecuted by the US-UK security state twitter.com/fiorella_im/status

I'm doing a livestream with the very funny @kthalps now, discussing US imperialism in Latin America, the fake Gulf monarchy "peace" deals with Israel, and The Intercept scandal

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Tonight at 9pm est @benjaminnorton joins me & @nandorvila to talk about Bolivia, the bogus Israel UAE deal, Colombia & the journalist-to-NYPD-spokesperson trajectory that some people (not Ben) take part in. youtu.be/kM0QRjIF3TY

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@WaywardWinifred As vice president under Obama, Biden helped oversee one of the largest campaigns of extrajudicial executions ever orchestrated.

There were *10 times more* strikes under Obama-Biden presidency than under George W. Bush.

Stop erasing Biden's war crimes

Hablé con el youtuber mexicano @NachoRgz de la propaganda derechista en los medios comerciales, la importancia de construir una alternativa mediática y política, el imperialismo estadounidense en latinoamérica, y el fin del neoliberalismo

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.@MaxBlumenthal discusses how the attack on Julian Assange is part of the US government's war on free speech.

They are making "an example of him, in medieval
fashion," as a threat to all of us: "You could be next."

Watch our full episode on Assange here: moderaterebels.com/show-trial-

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Each day Julian is woken at 5am, handcuffed, put in holding cells, stripped naked and x-rayed. He's transported 1.5h each way in what feels like a vertical coffin in a claustrophobic van. He's in a glass box at the back of court from where he can't consult his lawyers properly. twitter.com/StellaMoris1/statu

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When the UK regime rants about human rights, don't simply think of their war crimes in Iraq, their complicity in the genocide in Yemen, their supports for murderous terrorists in Syria, their theft of Venezuelan wealth or the destruction of Libya

Remember what they did to Julian twitter.com/StellaMoris1/statu

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Bolivia's civilian neoliberal forces are so weak that they're still getting crushed, even now that they control the state, the media and after jailing & killing many of their opponents.

They're too weak to rig the elections, only full military intervention can save them. twitter.com/KawsachunNews/stat

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The Washington Post casually acknowledges, in passing, that US-backed Venezuelan opposition factions have mulled launching terrorist attacks to "sabotage" key infrastructure. WP says it could "severely damage Maduro" -- maybe also Venezuela's population? washingtonpost.com/world/the_a

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@seize_the_means Biden would not play "El pueblo unido jamás será vencido" in a million years. In fact he has devoted his entire political career to killing, torturing, and disappearing people who sing that song in Latin America

While it's funny Biden played a song with lyrics like "Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito / Hasta provocar tus gritos / Y que olvides tu apellido" what isn't funny is his years of terrorizing Latin America.

On Latin America, Trump and Biden are identical

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After decades of terrorizing Latin America with imperialist war crimes and coups, deporting millions of immigrants, and then ignoring Latinos in his campaign, Biden played "Despacito" on his phone to try to seem hip.

Someone should probably tell him what the lyrics are about 😂
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.@JoeBiden steps out and starts playing Despacito from his phone.

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Astonished by the Americans who actually believe Trump “defeated” ISIS!

The US and their proxy militias were only securing oil fields in Syria while ISIS and Al Qaeda were being eradicated by the Syrian Army, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah from more than 70% of Syria.

Trump Lied

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Trump 2016: “I don't like Assad, but Assad is killing ISIS”

Trump 2020: “I would have rather taken Assad out. I had him all set”

Trump is admitting that he wanted to do ISIS a favor and kill President Assad.

Never forget that ISIS WELCOMED Trump‘s assassination of Soleimani

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@SecPompeo The US empire overthrew Brazil's democracy and installed a fascist puppet regime.

Colombia has for decades been terrorized by a far-right US client regime that trafficks drugs and uses fascist death squads to massacre leftists.

Neither is a "democracy"

Hahaha "demonstrate US support for the region's democracies"

There is no "journalism" here; it is pure US regime propaganda

Brazil has a fascist regime and Colombia has had 50 massacres of human rights activists in 2020

This rag continues to earn its name Wall Street's Journal
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and Colombia in a bid to demonstrate U.S. support for the region’s democracies https://…

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*in a bid to topple the elected government of Venezuela and replace it with a right-wing corporate mafia full of ExxonMobil lobbyists twitter.com/wsj/status/1305955

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