The capitalist class is an exclusive club, and you're not in it.

Bloomberg, Trump, and the Clintons are though. They're all on the same side. They might be pretending to fight for now, but all billionaires and oligarchs share the same economic and political interests

Bloomberg campaign has now disclosed $400 million in broadcast, radio & cable ads, $42 million on Facebook ads, $36 million on Google ads, god knows how much on staff, research, & polling. Absolutely on its way to being a many-multi billion dollar effort at this pace.

NEW: "We are calling upon governments to end the torture of [Julian] & ensure his access to the best available health care before it is too late"

S Frost, L Johnson, J Stein & W Frost on behalf of 117 signatories

I am deeply humbled to be one of the 117 signatories of this open letter by to the calling for an end to torture, medical, and psychological neglect of .

Illegal, criminal US sanctions on Venezuela already killed tens of thousands of civilians

Washington is trying to smother 30 million Venezuelans with a suffocating economic blockade, crushing their country and targeting anyone who does business with them

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The US government, which sees itself as the emperor of all of planet earth, is targeting Russia's state oil company Rosneft for allegedly helping with Venezuelan oil exports

No country can do business without Uncle Sam's approval

A global dictatorship

Back in May, the Trump administration approved a Turkish shipment of US-made anti-tank missiles to al-Qaeda and other Salafi-jihadist "rebels" occupying Syria's Idlib province

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The US government, through Turkey, is protecting and arming al-Qaeda in Syria. This isn't hyperbole

The Trump admin is allowing Turkey to send US-made armored personnel carriers, surface-to-air missiles, and anti-tank missiles to Salafi-jihadists in Idlib

Important article on the level of US involvment in . US sources say they have warned to stay away fighting against . Although U…

Note that US made APCs and Manpads are given to jihadists groups in Idlib along with TOW ATGMs. This delivery is impossible without US green light.

Important article on the level of US involvment in . US sources say they have warned to stay away fighting against . Although US administration hesitates to directly challange in Idlib, crucial intelligence and equipments are being provided to .

The leader of Sudan's post-coup military junta, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, just held an unprecedented meeting with the far-right leader of the colonial Israeli apartheid regime in Uganda.

Netanyahu says they are "discussing rapid normalization."

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Remember last year there was nonstop media coverage of the "revolution" in Sudan, all over the corporate media? And then after the coup, the coverage stopped

Well ever since, the new junta in Sudan has been normalizing with the Israeli apartheid regime

I never want to hear the US, UK, or Australia lecture another country about "democracy," "freedom," or "human rights." Ever.

These fake "democracies" are torturing journalist Julian Assange to death for the "crime" of telling the truth.

They are the actual authoritarian regimes

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A group of 117 doctors from 18 countries just published an open letter in the top medical journal The Lancet condemning the torture of Julian Assange and the denial of his right to health care.

They warned he is on the verge of being "tortured to death"

A high-ranking CIA agent, named Anne Sacoolas, was charged with killing a teenage British citizen.

But while the US demands Julian Assange's extradition, it refuses to give up its spy. And Boris Johnson seems to be rolling over.


A New Jersey cop admitted police target Black and Latino neighborhoods to fulfill ticket quotas. There's a financial reward: more tickets equal more money in overtime pay

They make it a sick game, competing with each other, calling it "going out hunting"

Caracas’ 60-page supporting document describes unilateral coercive measures as a “crime against humanity” and equates them to “weapons of mass destruction.”

An urgent message from

It is time for Julian Assange to be saved, not betrayed

Muy agradecida con cada compañero y compañera que se hizo parte de la denuncia de censura en esto que llamamos inquisición digital.

Recordemos que Twitter no es una plaza pública, es una empresa al servicio de los intereses hegemónicos del mundo.

¡Gracias por tanta solidaridad!

The US govt's new cold war on China (the 2017 US National Security Strategy dubbed Beijing the biggest "threat") has unleashed a torrent of overt anti-Chinese racism. The imperial stenographers in the corporate media don't even try to conceal their bigotry

This LA Times article reads like some China watcher bot gone haywire, just every conceivable Orientalist trope recklessly thrown i…

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