You can't make this up: The Washington Post, which is owned by mega-oligarch Jeff Bezos (who has $130 BILLION in wealth) published an oped calling for elites to have an even "bigger say in choosing the president"

They already control basically everything!

The Bezos Post just changed this insane headline, but the article still calls for a primary system that "would empower elites to bargain and make decisions, instructed by voters."

ie, let capitalist oligarchs control everything, but with a little feedback from the peanut gallery

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This misunderstands the fundamental problem: The elites in the capitalist class have an *irreconciliable* class conflict with the working class. We have *opposing* class interests

But the neoliberals' proposed "solution" is be nice to your oligarchs! Bigger cages, longer chains!

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Elites both inside and outside government roles already control who can even possibly win.

@benjaminnorton It's a literal suggestion to let the wealthy ignore voter preference in primaries. This is the opposite of democracy.

@benjaminnorton Even better: They publish this drivel with the slogan "Democracy Dies in Darkness"

@benjaminnorton "it's time" - because they think they don't have it already.

📰 :blobcatinnocent:

@benjaminnorton “Currently, poor and middle class people can choose the president if the stars are aligned. That’s a mistake. They shouldn’t have a say on this matter.”


"Hey, primaries don't unify a party. Let's change it so we give delegates info on who we like,* give 'em info on policies we like,* and then they choose for us!

*Delegate votes will not be bound in any way by info provided."

How 'bout "fuck you and your delegates"?


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