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.@MaxBlumenthal discusses how the attack on Julian Assange is part of the US government's war on free speech.

They are making "an example of him, in medieval
fashion," as a threat to all of us: "You could be next."

Watch our full episode on Assange here: moderaterebels.com/show-trial-

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The Washington Post casually acknowledges, in passing, that US-backed Venezuelan opposition factions have mulled launching terrorist attacks to "sabotage" key infrastructure. WP says it could "severely damage Maduro" -- maybe also Venezuela's population? washingtonpost.com/world/the_a

After decades of terrorizing Latin America with imperialist war crimes and coups, deporting millions of immigrants, and then ignoring Latinos in his campaign, Biden played "Despacito" on his phone to try to seem hip.

Someone should probably tell him what the lyrics are about 😂
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.@JoeBiden steps out and starts playing Despacito from his phone.

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Astonished by the Americans who actually believe Trump “defeated” ISIS!

The US and their proxy militias were only securing oil fields in Syria while ISIS and Al Qaeda were being eradicated by the Syrian Army, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah from more than 70% of Syria.

Trump Lied

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The NY Times' top national security reporter, David Sanger, and WaPo columnist David Ignatius, are on a private island hobnobbing with the leading spooks of the US & UK, at the conference sponsored by private spies & the CIA's InQTel tcbconference.com/

Note how right-wing propaganda is always embedded in these articles. Reuters calls peaceful Cuban doctors saving countless lives a "white coat army" (it's not quoting someone; it made up that title)

The UK gov't funded Reuters to spread anti-communist disinfo during the Cold War
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Cuba punches above weight with 'white coat army' during pandemic reut.rs/3k8CcHM

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Panetta revealing more of the game behind Trump admin prosecuting Assange: "All you can do is hope that you can ultimately take action against those that were involved in revealing that information so you can send a message to others not to do the same thing.”

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*New Episode*

@benjaminnorton of @TheGrayzoneNews covers historical Nicaragua, and the national liberation movement that has shaped the country's development.

Download here:


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Following a dubious State Dept Global Engagement Center report on “Eurasianist” media, Twitter now hits users with a misleading warning page every time they visit a link from Global Research (@CRG_CRM). With US guidance, Silicon Valley is suppressing counter-hegemonic media.

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The aircraft carrying the Israeli delegation to the Emirates last month was named after Kiryat Gat, a city in southern Israel that was built over the ruins of the Palestinian villages of Iraq al-Manshiyya & al-Faluja, both ethnically cleansed by Zionist militias in 1948 & 1949.

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The aircraft carrying Netanyahu and his delegation to Washington is named after Petah Tikva, a city in northern Israel that was built over the ruins of the Palestinian village of Fajja which was completely obliterated by the Haganah, the precursor to the Israeli army in 1948.

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If you wanna learn about the history of eugenics in America I'd recommend looking into the Buck v. Bell case. Here's what Oliver Wendell Holmes had to say about the "feeble-minded": "Three generations of imbeciles are enough" law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/t

Today Nicaragua celebrates the anniversary of the famous Battle of San Jacinto. In 1856, Nicaraguan troops defeated colonial mercenaries led by William Walker, a US colonialist who declared himself unelected dictatorial "president" of Nicaragua before being defeated and expelled
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| Hoy 14 de Septiembre recordamos a los héroes, a los patriotas nicaragüenses que en todos los tiempos y en particular en Sa…

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1/ Vivanco of @hrw explicitly called the US-backed dictatorship of @JeanineAnez a "democracy" in May - six months after it was installed by a coup & already perpetrated many of its worst atrocities. He still calls it an "interim government", and still tries to demonize Morales twitter.com/hrw/status/1305186

Good thread on how Western imperialist so-called "humanitarian" and "democracy promotion" arms of US and German govts are trying to force Tunisia to privatize its electrical grid.

Note how they're using "green" capitalist rhetoric on "renewable energy" to push neoliberal reforms
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USAID is joining Germans' effort to privatize electricity production. Since the 1960s, STEG has been developing energy infrastructure/providing …

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Meanwhile, Americans and Europeans (especially Germans) are hypocritically using a pro-renewables rhetoric to push for privatization/marketization of electricity production.

Venezuela's attorney general has identified the US spy who was arrested plotting to blow up their refineries as Matthew John Heath. He worked with the CIA and a private mercenary firm called MVM, which had a CIA contract in the Iraq War

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Fiscal General, Tarek William Saab: "Se estableció que Matthew Jhon Heath perteneció a la contratista de mercenarios MVM, cumpliendo misión en Irak desde 2006 a 2016 tres meses p…

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Recent letter shows how for-profit Chevron law firm Seward & Kissel has detained Chevron's main critic in the name of the U.S. government – and that it did so after the federal prosecutor rejected the charges. Seward must respect the rule of law.

Lol DSA's "libertarian socialist" caucus, which proudly waves the anarchist flag, first endorsed the imperialist US military occupation of NE Syria, and now retweets US regime media calls to overthrow Belarus' gov't

New name: Western Anarcho-Liberals for NATO "Color Revolutions"
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Rose Emoji left in the US always end up agreeing with liberals on foreign policy

The campaign last year to absurdly blame Bolivia's former elected Indigenous socialist President Evo Morales for the Amazon fires was such an obvious imperialist psyop

And a lot of "progressive" US environmentalist groups fell for it hook, line and sinker

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Forest fires in Bolivia's Chiquitania are raging, with 42% more fire points than in 2019. The regime hasn't done anything, it's mostly volunteers tackling this.


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