Louisiana cop says AOC "needs a round........and I don't mean the kind she used to serve" after mistaking a satirical article for real news

The officer was then fired

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@benjancewicz glad the officer was fired

I dunno if we pay soldiers too much (probably the opposite) but we have too much military, maybe they got confused

@amsomniac @benjancewicz so that's what it takes? Saying something mean about a politician? But firing sixteen rounds into an unarmed civilian is just a bad day at the office.


@teslas_moustache @benjancewicz the US seems 100% fine with racism and police murdering POC as long as they don't say racist things online

heck, even then, the fact the cop was fired is exceptional

@benjancewicz lol get fucked, pig, but that is a terrifying insight isn't it

uspol response 

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