In Iceland, you can hand-draw a map on mail, without an address, and it will still make it to its destination

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@benjancewicz I'm contemplating to try that in different countries, just to see what happens.

@benjancewicz This is awesome. I have to have my mail sent to my in-laws who live in "the city", because my house has no number, or street name... but I like the warm weather of . 🤷‍♂️

@Benjamin Young Savage (ᐱᓐᒋᐱᓐ) @Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊ Out in the boonies there are no addresses. If you're lucky there might be a marker on the nearest fire road. Unofficially the address is the number of kms from the main road. The system works out here because the letter carriers know everybody and have been known to stop by for tea. We hosted an exchange student once and just told the postie that somebody named Mari was going to be living with us for a few months. That's all it took.
@benjancewicz I remember reading an article where people tried this in Europe and it often worked.

It reminds me of that time a postman wrote me on Facebook to ask for my new address because "It would be a shame to trown away such a beautiful postcard"

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