Race was invented.
Invented without scientific evidence.
Invented by white people.
Invented to benefit white people.

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@benjancewicz Race is a concept made up by a certain group of entitled pricks in order to try to separate themselves from the rest of humanity and people who still support the idea of race are the problem, even if you bring up the minor anatomical differences in human skulls, that’s still is a faulty statement cause even individuals within the same ethnic groups have differences between their skulls, Race does not exist

@benjancewicz the man who invented the concept of race is a Orientalist fetishist, who so badly wanted to compare himself to the people of the Caucasus mountains people (who they themselves are light brown) and from there he stole the identity of “Caucasian” from these people and created the bullshit concept of race (also this dude was a creep who collected 200 different skulls from different populations and says his favorite was the skull that belonged to a Georgian person)

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