@benjancewicz You gotta remember that the anime avatar one can also be up to 25 years old, depending on whether they're a deeply repressed self-hating closeted trans woman.

snorted, thanks, art/meme meta concern 

@benjancewicz top-right and bottom three avatars are so spot on, we snort-laughed more than once. XD


The "anime" one is...problematic, honestly.


It's...kinda toxic to continue negatively stereotyping everyone who chooses an anime-adjacent art style in their avatar.

Would consider making an edit that intentionally avoids shitting on people who like an avatar in a Japanese-animation influenced media representation method?

There's ever so many other, more accurate ways to identify and generalize the misguided youths on this particular distributed social network, here in the Gregorian year of 2020...

...and as an artist, surely you understand the danger of perpetrating stigmatization of an entire art style in this new and beautiful future we face together?

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