@benjancewicz sweet! I can't make out the text, who created this anti-ad?

@fireglow @benjancewicz I can't read the text either, but it seems to be the London tube (ie its their own ad on their own adspot in the subway trains) (ie they are just salty that no brand paid for that adspot)

@benjancewicz #AdvertisingShitsInYourHead I love it XD

Who is that in the bottom right who wrote this beauty?! :D

It's even great advertisement for London Underground Advertisement ;-)
"Buy this spot or we hang our default ads telling people how shifty ads are"

#lastBoost #imageDescription An ad in a subway or train saying:
"Brands aren't your friends
They're only nice to you so you keep buying things you don't really need

(The ad might very well be on a train toilet, which would make totally sense.)

@TQ it is in the prime advert space right in the middle of the London Underground (metro) carriage (there aren't any toilets on these trains)

I expect whoever does these ads will try to keep their heads down, as neither Transport for London nor British Transport Police is going to approve - unlike other advertisers the same format is used for safety signs and public announcements so the authorities could use that as an argument for putting more effort into catching any "fakers"..

@vfrmedia Unless they paid for it? :troll:

If I was billionaire this is the kind of stuff I would do. Maybe that's why I am not billionaire. 🤨

@alfajet @TQ

they could still get hassle for imitating the Transport for London font and design elements (same as would happen if/when the NHS logo and design elements are used without authorisation, or any other public sector branding)

OTOH an arts group /did/ pay for every advert in a London tube station to be replaced with photos of rescue cats maybe only for a short time but it led to all the cats getting offers of permanent homes 😸

I see your point. That's true that they used TfL design, I didn't notice at first.

@benjancewicz Some brand should take out ads saying 'Governments aren't your friend'

@benjancewicz for those wondering, this is on the London Overground (think S-Bahn) and it's not an official ad, the logo says "Subvertisers for London"

@benjancewicz Leurs affiches sont plus jolies que celles de nos militants antipubs à nous. Je suis jalousie.

Advertising has us working jobs we hate
so we can buy shit we don’t need
With the money we don't have
To impress people we don't like

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