This is how much food you can get for the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Australia.

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@benjancewicz yeah smokes have gone way up. I feel sorry for the pensioners who have been smoking for 40-50 years and just have no hope of stopping. Gotta be tough on a tight budget

@Funkpirata @benjancewicz I'm going to reveal my ignorance here...just how much is a packet of smokes?

@fortescue @benjancewicz depends. Popular brands are about $30 for a pack of 20. Can get 20 cheapos for $25. A large pouch of rolling tobacco (champion ruby e.g) is up to $100. I can't afford to smoke.

@fortescue @benjancewicz it's all choices I suppose. I would be much better off if I didn't waste money of stuff simply because life is giving me the shits. I'm not sure it's actually possible to work in hospitality without smoking.

@Funkpirata @fortescue @benjancewicz Honestly, I used to think and say stuff like that, "it's not possible to X without smoking" until I actually managed to quit - at which point it became apparent it wasn't only possible, it was preferable.

Also all my excuses about stress relief evaporated as I was experiencing quite a lot less stress due to not setting so much money on fire all the time. Weird how that shit gets into your mind.

@mike @Funkpirata @fortescue @benjancewicz I found not smoking while drinking the hardest part. Once I managed to do it I was amazed how less intense hangovers were.

@mike @fortescue @benjancewicz yeah I've quit for periods too. It's awesome when you're not tied to it. I don't believe the stories I tell myself about why I smoke, but there is more to the story than health or spending or rationalizing. I've kicked worse addictions many times over, but the pointless self destruction of tobacco smoking always draws me back in.

@benjancewicz addiction wreaks havoc with the decision making process that's for sure. I've watched people time and again do all the wrong things and get deeper and deeper into trouble until they crash and burn. People who know the game intimately. A mix of insanity and deep seated self hatred.

@x2ero @benjancewicz the prices or smoking itself? I think they are both shithouse. And I have no answers :-)

@benjancewicz This is good news. Hopefully the same price regulations will soon apply here in Germany

@DU_HW_IO @benjancewicz addiction isn't rational. Higher prices might make some people stop or deter young people from starting, but the majority of heavily addicted smokers, particularly those on a low income just end up screwed.... Or smoking black market tobacco. I know many single parents who spend $100 on a pouch of tobacco... And it's not because they don't love their kids. The higher prices have actually created a MASSIVE surge in black market "chop chop"

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