The many varieties of potatoes found in Peru

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@benjancewicz The only staple crop that has all the essential amino acids - making it a "complete protein"

@benjancewicz I wish I had a lot of different potatoes to eat right now.

@benjancewicz I could be wrong but I think there's an oca in there, which isn't a potato

@cathal @benjancewicz oh really? I had no idea oca was that varied, but will you look at those motherfuckers:

Oca not only isn't a potato, it isn't even in the potato's solanaceae family or solanales order. It's a rosid, more closely related to apples, creosote bushes, roses, beans, squash, Rafflesia, nasturtiums, goatheads, mustard, birch trees, grapevines, and broccoli than it is to potatoes.

@kragen @benjancewicz Heck it, I'm growing Oca and I did not know they were Rosids! :)
We grew Potatoes and we're growing Oca.. Potatoes got hit by late blight, we've rescued some of the crop but lost lots too. Oca are apparently fine, looking forward to seeing our yield... in December! Slow growers..

@benjancewicz I like the lumpy bois that looks like challah bread

@@benjancewicz Eye boys
Lumpy boys
Round boys
Dung boys
Curly boys
Blackberry boys
Long boys

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