Graffiti artists have "moved" a door of a train

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@benjancewicz on one hand this is funny on other hand i hope nobody gets hurt because of this :blobcattilt:

@icedquinn @benjancewicz I’ve heard of this story before, and it looked so authentic the Deutsche Bahn put their "out of order" stickers on the fake door :D

@irimi1 @benjancewicz i hate when my fake doors are out of order almost as much as Germans hate when trains are five seconds late.
@irimi1 @benjancewicz well at least you aren't a Swiss who saw a candy wrapper on the street. :blobcatbox:

@benjancewicz A bit of context: This did happen in 2010 in Germany. It's attributed to the artist pseudonym TAPS (they also blocked a train door once by speed building a brick wall in; if I remember correctly, it was during a regular stop). Here are some more images from the train, including a newspaper article.

@heluecht So it wasn't during a regular stop and not that speedy as I had in mind. (Dangit!)

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