Here's the longest possible train journey in the world

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@polamatysiak @benjancewicz Podróż życia podróżą życia, ale aukcja przewidująca podobną trasę byłaby ciekawa (-:


What struck my mind is how our track is basically through the southern border of Russia. Can't we go higher and northwards from what it looks like St Petersburg and get more distance?

@IngaLovinde @officialcjunior @benjancewicz then I dunno what criteria is. Two points furthest away from each other reachable by train?

@charlag @officialcjunior @benjancewicz or just "whatever Buzzfeed intern could build with results of perfunctory Google search in five minutes"

@officialcjunior @benjancewicz just a bit longer. If there were trains connecting Finland to Sweden, the journey could become even longer (Saint Petersburg / Helsinki / Stockholm / Copenhagen / Germany)

But it's missing far better opportunity at lengthening the route: there are train connections between Beijing and Pyongyang (North Korea), and between Pyongyang and Vladivostok.

@benjancewicz single journey? If you can change trains you can go all the way to Johor Bahru in south Malaysia. That should be a bit longer, no?

@benjancewicz That reminds me much of the environment friendly travel route I had looked up from Japan to Germany. Unfortunately takes 2 weeks, one needs many visa, probably low internet coverage of the trains - so one needs to take holiday for the travel instead of working remotely.

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