EVERY white person in America has benefitted, and is STILL benefiting from slavery,

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I really do want to destroy the police tho 🙃

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Back N the 60's, racists reacted 2the words "Black Power" the way they R now reacting 2the words "Defund the Police". There were over 5000 meetings held around the country 4blk MEN 2define the words "Black Power" just as they now PRETEND that 💸DEFUND💸means "DESTROY" 🔥👮‍♂️🔨🔥👮‍♀️ twitter.com/benjancewicz/statu

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"Wow, every single piece before this was HOT GARBAGE!"

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I ain't never heard the words "I really think this is your strongest piece yet!" in an MFA workshop without it being just a littleeeeeeee bit backhanded. lmao

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