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benjbrandall 💾

Elementary OS installed in about 10 minutes, which was refreshing after struggling with a forced, half-broken Windows setup on the same new laptop for like 6 hours.

This is exactly why I’m leaving you, Windows.

@falgsc proof of work is ruled by who controls the most resources

proof of stake is ruled by who has accumulated the most wealth

what more is there to say

Rough simulation of a gossip protocol

How an SMS phishing attack works.
This victim gave up the code for their own bank account.

something tells me these translated lyrics aren't totally accurate. great song though (

Hmm why is nokogiri such an arse to install... I got it working on my Mac a couple months back and now I’ve got to do the whole troublesome process again for my pi 😅


Ludwig Hilberseimer in Bauhaus 3-2, 1929.

The Secret Cave Patreon has just launched, and we're already at $6/month. This humbles and amazes me no end — a little more, and our annual costs are covered. 😻

We curate work from undiscovered artists, photographers, and writers, and publish them in print zines.

Some examples attached to this toot.

If you like what you see, please consider kicking in a little and passing this along! Thanks so much for everything so far.

The thing which bugs me with modern centralised social media is that moderation is woefully under staffed.

People are impressed "wow facebook has 20k moderators that's huge!" But they have over 2 Billion users!

That's one moderator for every 100k users.

This would be the most gloriously effective time-waster. Sorry lovely add-on dev, I don't have the discipline to use this. to close to EU users saying it can’t comply with GDPR | Hacker News

While #Telegram is down, consider installing an xmpp client on your device. Despite what people say, setting it up is not that hard! I'll help you if you need assistance.

🇬🇧 I'm curious about where all the witches are ending up. Fill in this short survey? :) I'll blog the results! 📊

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🇫🇷 Où vont les sorcières? Voilà un petit sondage. :) Je vais ecrire un article des resultats! 📊

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