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benjbrandall ๐Ÿ’พ

.social is struggling a bit RN

Eugen does incredible work hey folks!

I'm currently looking into creating my own instance. ETA April. I don't like that I'm adding to the mass centralisation of a decentralisation technology. ยซ๐Ÿ™ƒยป

@benjbrandall Quite a bit tbh. I can still SMS, call, or perhaps use the many chat and video call apps on my desktop. Oh email too of course.

I just happen to like not being contactable sometimes. I like have autonomy in my day. The creative moments of a wandering mind bring me joy.

Other people seem frustrated that I only have around 25 ways of being contacted. When I had a smartphone I'd never have the app they needed.

Then signal came along. And it needed my sharing my number. WUT??!

QUICK SURVEY (please share)

If you were asked to capture a QR code (right this second) could you do so effectively?

What email client for iOS do you recommend? :thaenkin:

my good pal Lee Tyrrell is serializing Mr. Mero, a work of experimental fiction, on - it's about the whole working life of a teacher, each chapter has about a ~1 decade gap

pt 1:
pt 2:

As early as World War I, American historians offered themselves to President Woodrow Wilson to carry out a task they called "historical engineering," by which they meant designing the facts of history so that they would serve state police.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

@benjbrandall thereโ€™s lil ice crystals in my nose โ„๏ธ

fuuuuck itโ€™s -15c today. I thought something was up when my door was frozen shut

good morning internet, please absorb me into the cyber

facebook trend of ending every post with โ€œWhat do you think?โ€ to drive engagement and give you a better rank in the timeline algorithm only on mastodon with arbitrary phrases that have no real meaningful content baloon emoji What do you think? ๐ŸŽˆ

been thinking more about algorithmic timelines, and I wonder - do users actually want to see content that other people have 'liked'? do users want others to see the things they have liked?

surely there should be some actual difference between a like and a share, or a like is just a kind of conditional share that you have no control over the visibility of

: A service that finds which users on Mastodon and other services you tend to favorite/like/boost, and even how frequently you do so, then directs you to means of supporting them ( , , etc).

by that I mean that the boost and reply etc buttons don't work

I'm so used to tootdon that mastodon on the web is confusing.

when I see "[user] is a user on [instance i'm not on]. You can follow them or interact with them if you have an account anywhere in the fediverse."

there doesn't seem to actually be any way to interact with that user?