More of the hidden places of . Berries placed for composition.
🎞️: Superia 400 📷: Olympus OM1n ⚗️: OldSchoolLab

Oh sweet, Pixelfed.Social is open for signups! *signs up*
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Went out for a photo adventure with @la_amuse_douche a couple weeks ago. We shot a full roll of each. Started with tea and camera warmups.
🎞️:Superia400 📷:OlympusOM1n ⚗️:OldSchoolLab

One of the first photos from the roll. I was really looking for colors to highlight.
🎞️: Portra 400 📷: Kiev-88 ⚗️: @oldschoollab

On to the color roll, Kodak Portra 400. Same shot as the previous, one of the advantages of swappable fim backs.
🎞️:Portra400 📷:Kiev88 ⚗️:@oldschoollab

Another from the recent weekend away from home. Would have liked more contrast from the scene, but it is what it is.
🎞️Delta400Pro 📷Kiev88 ⚗️@oldschoollab

If your toot is just %90 hashtags and an external link, I'm probably just going to mute/block you.

A jam-packed episode of #Linux For Everyone kicks off with a weekly software discovery, then we glide into a community spotlight with Linux Lads' host Conor Murphy.

The meat of Episode 2 revolves around @EndeavourOS as we take a deep dive into the new Arch-based distro.

Plus, The Linux Gaming Report debuts with Liam from @gamingonlinux and the show closes with some incredible electronic jams from Polish FOSS musician @unfa

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