Got my PC hardware transplanted into a new NZXT H510i! The real challenge was getting most of the RGB lighting working on , and it's still only partial. More support from manufacturers, please!

Had some vacation time, and took the Kiev-88 up to Loon Mtn Resort, NH.
🎞️ Fuji Acros100 📷 Kiev-88 ⚗️ OldSchoolLab

But in the end, it was their own crusade that led to their downfall. .
🎞️: Superia 400 📷: Olympus OM1n ⚗️: OldSchoolLab

So they built walls so big, they couldn't see where they ended or began... .
🎞️:Superia400 📷:OlympusOM1n ⚗️: @OldSchoolLab

Maybe if the vines grow high enough, they can overcome the signals. .
🎞️: Superia 400 📷: Olympus OM1n ⚗️: @oldschoollab

More of the hidden places of . Berries placed for composition.
🎞️: Superia 400 📷: Olympus OM1n ⚗️: OldSchoolLab

Went out for a photo adventure with @la_amuse_douche a couple weeks ago. We shot a full roll of each. Started with tea and camera warmups.
🎞️:Superia400 📷:OlympusOM1n ⚗️:OldSchoolLab

One of the first photos from the roll. I was really looking for colors to highlight.
🎞️: Portra 400 📷: Kiev-88 ⚗️: @oldschoollab

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