Trying this over here: tfw when you remember you have to be on call in 20 minutes.

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what if it was called bram strokers dracula and it was about just a regular eastern european guy but he couldnt beat off during the day

These new Disclosure tracks are some real nice musics

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Due to popular demand, and the ever-increasing net to explain Mastodon to newbies as every instance is being bombarded with new users...

I've gone ahead and create a video tutorial that should help folks get to grips with all of this platform's particulars:

Intro to Mastodon 101

Special Thanks to:
@noelle @Gargron @MillennialDog @Rybark

I re-read older Stephen King books and as I get older with every read, I find his shit problematic. I'm not even talking about the glaringly awful part of "It". Was it the mountains of coke, the 70's-80's, or is he just a creep?

lady on facetime in the grocery store screaming at your friend, you should totally call him.

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Trump's going to drop some real dumb shit soon. I'm excited.

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"Hey, what's your sign?"

"Oh, it's Birdo."

"...don't you mean Virgo?"

"No? I'm pretty sure it's Birdo..."

"I don't think-"

*spits an entire egg into your face*

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what if every time a snake poked its tongue out it made a soft “pthtbhthbt” sound

Going to throw everything in my basement into a dumpster and it's going to be great (donating about 70% of it too, tho)

The Beths - Future Me Hates Me is the best record I've heard all year.

This reminds me of the time a bunch of PFM forums hipsters (me included) lost the forum because we were jerk. We kept migrating to different platforms until it mostly dissolved. I'm still friends with some of them.

I found this. Boost if you believe you can be whatever you wanna be. -taur?

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Immastodon Joe: Once again, we send off my Toot Rig to bring back long posts from knzk, and shitposts from Once again, I salute my Imperator Toot Toad, and I salute my half-life Reply Guys, who will post with me eternal on the instances of Valhalla! I AM YOUR RETOOTER! It is by my hand you will rise from the ashes of the federated timeline!

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