Hi everyone, does any of you have experience with #Guix? Would you recommend it for a work laptop?

I'm asking cause I read it's sitll in beta.

@mdallastella Guix (the package manager) is definitely suitable for a work laptop. It's a good way to get access to a whole lot of recent software without having to install by hand.

GuixSD (the operating system) probably isn't ready to replace your current work OS yet. There will likely be a small number of packages missing that you want/need.

I run GuixSD as my main work computer, but have a second computer running Trisquel (a Debian derivative) that I fall back to.

@bensturmfels My main worry is that my laptop, a XPS 13", is not Linux-libre... like the broadcom wifi, for example.


@mdallastella yep, sounds like a valid concern. USB wifi dongles are pretty small these days though. You can often replace the wifi card in laptops if you're inclined.

You might have similar issues if you're relying on 3D acceleration drivers too. Intel onboard graphics works nicely though.

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