the best 80s middle 8 sounds like a fighting game Select Character Screen. for instance Invisible Touch, or Nevermore by sophie & peter johnston

today Theresa May visited the site of the high-rise fire in London but, faced with the prospect of communicating with actual humans, left shortly after

no word on whether she maintained human form or reverted to her natural gaseous state

Logging into Windows
Gonna update a lot of patches
Logging into Windows
Gonna update a lot of patches

Millions of patches
Patches for free
Millions of patches
Patches for me

Asimov's Laws:
1. A robot may never harm a human being, except passive-aggressively
2. A robot is not a human being unless it is capable of suffering, in which case it must demonstrate its capacity for suffering on television
3. A robot must purchase a meal from any participating Yum! Brands restaurant at least once a week; or if no Yum! Brands restaurants are nearby, it must build one from any available resources

After much dialectical meditation and screaming I have finally created the *definitive*, comprehensive list of ALL gender orbs... Here they are:

- very special boy
- hungry girl
- vanilla incense
- that spectre that haunts europe
- the wheelchair symbol
- K-Mart
- 7
- No
- The awkward feeling when you're in your friend's house and they're arguing with someone
- Iridescence
- That Jaboody Dubs Dump Cake video
- C Minor
- ABILIFY® may cause serious side effects, including: increased risk of death


glaswegian tory councillor there claiming that free tuition fees "have been an utter disaster for working class kids in scotland, don't believe the SNP"

get fucked, my parents would've never been able to afford sending three of their youngest onto further education

I wake up in the morning. i open my eyes! My god what have I done!!!! i close them again as quickly as possible, lest i see anything

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going for to see the raccoon film this weekend with fuzzies, is it good aye?

intense amazon locker disappointment as delivery arrived at 18:30 yesterday, defeating purpose of locker as post-work parcel collection service 🚮

@jk you don't remember those '90s ads with the Gilette Giraffe on the jet bike that would blast down a 'hone sweet hone' sign and skywrite 'can't strop won't strop' while a startled businessman dropped his straight razor in the toilet and his wife left him so his toupee spun around with a whistle noise? how can you not remember whatever the fuck I just typed

remember: when you're going down on someone, it's polite to start by saying "itadakimasu"

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